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  1. Floratchi and Gochimotchi Not a real ship, but I just think they are cute together.
  2. I don't look like that, but that is me as a tamagotchi.
  3. The pink or blue iD has a nice shell. The one with the gold and silver
  4. Which design? I really want that Colorful Bubbles design! Eh... just random topic.
  5. How can you use an URL?

  6. Meowmeowstar


    Girls that I drew because I am bored and sadddd.

    © BY ME

  7. IM SORRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY SO SO SO SO SO SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE MEEEEEE im really sorry. i added myself onto your friends list. if you want, i will never come back. ;_; forgive me... please.

  8. I like Alenestar ex ( Nala ex ) Kitty Didy, of course. And this girl called Ari Ken who was one of my online friends during 2013
  9. Both. At least I'm still alive, which matters the most to me. (right now) I picked blind because I am closer to being blind to being deaf.