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    Obsessed with stationery (especially cute ones!).

    Keeps a logbook of my daily life and I can't draw but in my mind I'm a perfect artist.

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  1. ahh i see. But i think there was some program created by Binary that's called enwarehouse? Does anyone have any link to the file?
  2. I just got a V5.5 celebrity and I am totally lost. I know years back there used to be a V5.5 project going on here. There's this web to generate codes and I tried clicking on the links that it doesn't seem to work anymore. The site: Is there anyway else I can generate codes?
  3. Latest Update: Still have not received my trades in the mail whereas, the other party has received her's. Worried.
  4. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to ask this here but I have recently made a trade with someone in a tamagotchi group and I realized she spelled my country name wrongly. She is from Florida and sent it via normal postage mail, so there's no tracking. I'm just wondering if anyone from the US can tell me if it'll still reach me? It has been almost 2 weeks now. Also, I don't know how it works in the US but the envelope she used was one with an eagle and she bought additional postage. There wasn't any airmail sticker on it so I'm not sure if it'll be sent overseas. In my country, we will have an airmail sticker to indicate it'll be going overseas. Really worried and need advise.
  5. i'm trying to get an irda USB myself too but i own a macbook and windows 10... and most USB shows they are only compatible with XP/7/8... anyone tried with win 10 and/or macbook and it works?
  6. ahhh yes, it's much better! i finally got it to connect and able to send items! thanks a lot!
  7. i watched it before... doesn't really have much help for me. thanks for your help though!
  8. Where do I get the car model set? Which one is it?
  9. I'm really new to the pocket designer and I would really love some help here. i'm trying to send a dress that I designed over to my Ps but I can't figure out how...
  10. does anyone know how to get lovesoratchi? i will need his binoculars but I can't find them in tamadepa...
  11. I think the 4u+ is very similar to the 4u. only with added features and gardening and new post forms... other than that, there's not much difference I think..
  12. does anyone know how to get candy paku paku? I've been feeding my toddler desserts only hoping it'll work!
  13. ahhhh I didn't see that new word! yeah, the new one is to get high happiness. the old one is to meet oyajitchi.