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  1. Thank you Ichiro Malfoy (love your pseudo ) Well, I think I might have to wait for a trip to Japan . Since we were able to download so much for the ID through IR, I hoped it might be the same here... I still own my keitai from Japan, which I used to transfer everything to the ID. All these livings, and accessories and handmade stuff from fans ! I can't be more grateful btw. Nice evening and thanks for your answer
  2. Hey ! Little question about an anniversy mix here... I own mine for a while now. And I must say it is pretty boring when you can't add anything. :/ Am I the only one ? The built in games are really boring (one completely depends on luck, the other one is not that fun, like the bowling game in the 4u). I know there is more elsewhere, but the speed race from Makkakka turns you red, thus I avoid it ; the only left are the ones I play the most often from Gozaru village and Rainbow hills. Only when I really need money (which I do ; hard to earn money in this version). Am I missing something ? Is there a way to add some content to the mix without living in Japan ? Another games or another accessories/livings ? Thank you all for your answer . Looking forward to hearing from you guys ! Sweet day,
  3. Hey, It's a bit late for an answer but maybe you're still looking for something. When I got mine, I found some information there : Hope it helps. Might be hard without being able to read japanese though, it is a lot easier when you know what you are typing/looking for... Good luck and hf
  4. Hi everyone, Sorry if this post does not belong here, I wasn't sure where to post (tips and tricks or whats on your mind). Anyway, I was looking for a tamagotchi template to make some custom faceplates for my 4u, and couldn't find one. If there is already, then just ignore this post . If not, what I came up with might be interesting for someone else . I can't be more grateful to carleesi for sharing her technique to remove the silver paint on the original faceplate ! How it looks on my tama (showing off my brand new home ) : Yes, I made a white one, thought it could be a fun activity to do with the kids ! What the template looks like (it's so easy to just drop anything you like in the shell) : It is available in 3 formats : - psd for those using photoshop : - xcf for those using gimp : - studio3 for the lucky owners of a silhouette studio, that really does all the job... : Hope it can help !
  5. Hi ! Thanks for creating this new topic. Just my small contribution, as a reminder : + : get updraded items when transferred (apple --> sweet apple //looks like our french "pomme d'amour" btw !// --> cooked apple --> apple pie) + : the gardening function and a dating street + : while connecting you can get a quizz, a fortune cookie and get presents from "Traveltchi" Not sure it is worth, but it is appealing somehow . (I would defintely go for an orange or a yellow one )
  6. Thanks fr you fast answer ! May I ask why ? It is mainly curiosity, and the pleasure to have some japanese apps running .
  7. Hello there, I'm a brand new member on the web site, I hope I can still ask questions here . I was wondering why am I unable to put a hand on the .apk of the japanese version of the 4u app ? All links had been removed, and it seems impossible to find it online anymore. I am glad some folks did their best for making an english app available, which is great by the way, but I really wanted to try out the japanese one, does someone know where can I get it ? (if we still can )