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    I like to climb trees and I like retro stuff, for example Tamagotchis :) I also like Pokémon and the Powerpuff Girls. Michael Jackson is my role model, except for the surgery bit.

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    two Tamagotchi friends, Tamagotchi P's and an angel gotch.
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    They're all good in different ways!
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    Tamgotchi friends
  1. RIP Tamagotchi Angel

  2. You can get them from the Cutie Pie Kawaii shop at the moment. They have international shipping and all six designs available!
  3. Hello! Unfortunately, there is only one kind of Tamagotchi that you can buy in a UK store. If you're lucky you will be able to find a Tamagotchi digital friend, which is the most recent UK release. I hope you find one! If you can't, there is almost always a discount deal online for them. Good luck ^-^
  4. Happy birthday tama talk! I'll be sending my tama angel to a watch repairer soon to change the battery =w=

  5. Okay, this log got really messy, and so did my tamagotchi management. This thread will be deleted tomorrow, but thanks for visiting anyway! I hope to start again. Mistakes have been made, lessons have been learned.
  6. My new Tamagotchi arrived yesterday and the turtletchi inside it is asleep.
  7. I'm a fan! I last watched Kiki's Delivery Service.
  8. I don't really know you that well, but get well soon anyway!

  9. Dusty Mop has evolved into Mitsumarutchi. Unfortunately, he has done three poos on the floor as a baby and one as a child. Oh well, you can't win it all. The ones they do as a baby are so tiny! I was thinking about the characteristics the other day, and I thought that I might accidently get active if he plays ten games, but if I stop him playing games he has to eat snacks to make him happy, which might make him gourmet Because I'm kind of a cheat, I think I'm going to put him on pause until the new Tamagotchi arrives, so I may not post for a while! Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, please post them in the comment section below
  10. Okay, so... Dusty's parents left pretty soon after I posted the fist , um, post? I have fed him five pieces of bread, four cartons of milk and one box of popcorn so his hearts are all full up. Sorry if this is boring to read, I don't really know what to say! I'm gong to be trying really hard to potty train him (me: get in that duck potty, now!) so that he doesn't poop everywhere when he's older. He just lost two hearts of hunger, I literally just fed him! I'm only giving him bread because it's cheap and his weight doesn't change as a baby. I also wouldn't want to end up getting knighttchi by giving him too much different food! He looks quite happy but I think that he's missing Coffretchi, his mum. I keep mistaking the chairs for those pooey stink lines because he has an easter room at the moment. Okay, now he really is pooing. I caught it just in time! Dusty Mop - Where are my real parents? Me - Uhh *sweats* They're not coming back. Dusty Mop - Me - I'm your new mother, and I'll take good care of you <3 Dusty Mop - *poops on carpet* Me - You're so adorable! ^.^ I mean, get in the duck potty! Ahhh he needs medicine! Thank you for reading
  11. - Coffretchi's suitors wait in anticipation as the controller switches between them. Cupid's arrow hesitates above Mametchi and Knighttchi can sense defeat. However, the arrow keeps moving around. It does two laps around everyone, but it comes back to Mametchi as if magnetically attracted. The middle button is pressed and Coffretchi and Mametchi run away to get married. They kiss passionately while the crowd cheers for their new found love. A few weeks later, their egg is close to hatching. The cracks become larger and larger until Aokumotchi emerges, happy to be introduced to his parents and the beautiful world! - Hi, and welcome to my tamagotchi log! We will be following the life of Dusty Mop, my newly hatched Aokumotchi. He is the eleventh generation on my purple gem tamagotchi friends and my ninth boy. I'm aiming for him to turn into Mametchi, which you get from perfect care and the 'social' characteristic. To achieve the 'social' characteristic, you must receive ten tamagotchi text messages. Since none of my friends have a Tamagotchi, I have ordered a colourful leopard one for about £7. That should arrive between the eighth and thirteenth of April. I hope it gets here on time! I probably should have ordered it sooner... This is just an introduction, so thank you for clicking! Hopefully you will be back when Dusty Mop's parents have left him in my care. Have a nice day! Will perfect care be achieved? Is he going to end up in the tamagotchi graveyard? Will my new tamagotchi arrive on time? Find out in the next episode of: = Dusty Mop's journey into adulthood! =
  12. This happened to me too, she would change from style to charisma without me doing anything. My guess is that maybe she had the same level of points on both? I hope you work it out!
  13. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> I have a pink Tamagotchi P and it came with a "love and melody" deco pierce. However, I cannot get it to work. I saw somewhere else have this same problem with a pink tamagotchi P's, andI am wondering if I should fix it or ask for my money back. Also, I did a full reset but that didn't work and the chip isn't dirty. Your help would be very much appreciated!
  14. You are really nice to other people on this chain and I love your name! (Next person feel free not to compliment me it's probably impossoble )
  15. I fell in love with my tamagotchi p's. They're really pretty and the colour screen made my mind blow after using my tamagotchi friends. The Japanese was no obstacle for me, I just looked up a guide. There are all sorts of cute surprises in it too. You can buy wearable clothes and hats, wallpapers and toys for your tama to play with. If you get bored easily, it's really great that you can buy the deco piercings too. I recommend 100%. I love it so much ^.^