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  1. right now he's a young mametchi called jerry! blue flower v2 exclusive to AUS

    1. Meg&Dia


      lucky they're crazy hard to get

  2. got my new tama 2 days ago

  3. I have a honkingly gay crush on my best friend. Unfortunately, they're already very happy in their LDR with an 18 year old living in California. Hyeh hyeh. They'd be down for it but I'd just feel weird telling them, even though I already planned to, I chickened out (as usual).
  4. I used to have a yellow 2012 Furby but something in the battery compartment broke so my mum threw it out!
  5. Big gravedigs above. Hey tama mum, can you close this??
  6. If you're dead set on keeping those polka dots on there, try very carefully painting over the shell with clear nail polish. Don't brush too hard or fast because that might scrub the paint off. If you don't want to cover the whole thing in nail polish,just go over the problem areas or only the dots themselves. Also follow the tips above. Even if you didn't have a paint problem, taking care of your tama and any electronics is good form! Getting a case or pouch is a good tip in general.
  7. I can't find pictures of the shell I ordered apart from the original listing! Maybe it's because it's an AUS only design?

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Ooo can you give me a link

  8. bought my first tama! it's coming in the start of may!

    1. Vexia


      Woo, congrats! What kind?

  9. They're both pretty cool. I played with Pixel Chix a TON when I was 9 or 10. Undertale is everywhere though, so I don't like it as much as I did last year. Still a great game :^) My fav Undertale character is probably Chara. I don't know why I like them but they're a fav for sure and someone out there is probably vowing that they'll kill me if it's the last thing they do for saying that. Sans isn't as cool as some other characters but I used to really like him. I guess people just wouldn't stop talking about him so he got boring. My favourite Tama is Lovelitchi because I'm a sucker for sparkles, which means I also love Kiraritchi. So much shine.
  10. omg i come back and we have so much underfail like underfails good but why

  11. guys i found a cheap tma witchin australia for only $23 the listing runs out in 2 hours haha yisss

  12. I believe there was a Pixel Chix pet but I think it was a multipet with a cat and dog. However, Pixel Chix often make multiple colours and themes of each type so there's a chance there were seperate cat and dog versions. This is from memory and I havent seen a Pixel Chix for over 6 years so there might not even be a Pixel Chix pet. This is the only information I can supply on the subject so I apologize if I was incorrect.
  13. boy its been a while. sorry for ditching you guys!