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  1. ♥ ♥ Tamagotchi Dream Mix: Name: Eli Gender: M Stage: Adult Parents: Daisy + Kikitchi Generation: 4 Eli evolved into a green Haretchi with Violetchi's flowers. I'm kinda sick of seeing all the green tbh. A day later he evolved into an adult. He looks like his father Kikitchi but he's green with Violetchi ears. He also got the little scarf but in pink. Lovelitchi's eyes are still getting passed down. Lovelitchi's eyes and Kikitchi's mouth just looks weird together. I wasn't too happy with his evolution. I ended up turning Eli pink because I couldn't stand the green anymore. He ended up going to Dream Town to find someone to marry. I don't know where she's been all this time because she is just so perfect. I love how she's all pink with that big hot pink bow on her head and her matching dress. Definitely a good match for Eli who I had just turned pink. Did I ever mention how I love the colour pink? Well now you know. I can already tell they are going to have the cutest little baby tama. Of course I'm going to leave another cliffhanger for you guys. Make sure to check tomorrow if they have a baby boy or a baby girl.
  2. ♥ Tamagotchi Sanrio Mix: Haven't updated in a few days, it's been a busy week. ♥ Status: Name: Levi Gender: M Stage: Adult Parents: Ryan + My Melody Generation: 5 Little Levi evolved into his teen form. He evolved into a pink Haretchi with My Melody's hood(?). He's also holding the little star wand. A day later Levi evolved into an adult. I only now noticed that he has a Decoratchi base. He also got Decoratchi's smile. He's got My Melody's ears/hood but red and he also got her eyes. Still holding onto the little star wand. I think the bunny ear/hood from My Melody finally put an end to Lala's hair. I had hoped Decoratchi would put an end to it with her cute little hat. I was disappointed that it didn't get passed down. That little cherry hat is just so cute. He's been visiting Puroland a lot. Looks like someone caught his eye. He gave Hello Kitty a surprise proposal and thankfully she said YES. Just like that they happily got married. It's been so many generations yet I still really enjoy these animations. They just never get boring. I'll leave this as a cliffhanger. Find out if they had a boy or a girl tomorrow!
  3. Thanks for the comment! I honestly love seeing feedback! Is that actually what happens when they are close to dying? Sounds pretty traumatizing. I'm thinking of getting another m!x too, maybe the 20th anniversary bc I really love the Gotchi King's Castle location and the fact you can marry the prince. I can't decide though bc I also want the really expensive P's which are super hard to find. You should think about getting the 20th Anniversary version too so you can unlock all the locations on your other m!xes since the 20th anniversary version doesn't need another m!x to unlock locations. Thank you for taking time to read my log! ♥
  4. Thanks for telling me! I guess it's a good thing it got sold. I'll just be patient and look for one at japanyouwant.
  5. ♥ ♥ Tamagotchi Dream Mix: Just like Ryan's evolution I also missed Daisy's because they usually evolve during the same time period. She is a turquoise Kuchipatchi with Violetchi flowers and Lovelitchi's eyes. I actually like how she looked. Such a colourful family. Kikitchi proposed to her. I'll be very honest I planned to marry her off to Kikitchi but I spent over 5 minutes taking her to the park Kikitchi never appeared. I guess he was playing hard to get. Well anyways they happily got married. Together they had a, you guessed it, baby boy. I named him Eli. I have a hard time naming baby tamas I don't know why. An hour later little Eli evolved into a light yellow Puchitomatchi. I was hoping to get this character bc I always get Mittsupotchi. Eli also got his mom's little flowers. As usual he left home after taking the family photo. Now to wait 1 day. Status: Name: Eli Gender: M Stage: Toddler Parents: Daisy + Kikitchi Generation: 4
  6. ♥ Tamagotchi Sanrio Mix: Yesterday I went out with family and got home late and missed him evolving. He's a dark pink Decoratchi without the scarf. The horrible hair is still getting passed down.. not quite happy with that. At least he still has the star wand and clothes. Today Ryan proposed to My Melody. She's so cute. I'm hoping she puts a stop to the ugly hair. Together they had a baby boy. To be honest I was hoping for a baby girl but oh well. I named him Levi. One hour later little Levi evolved into a toddler. I still don't know what this character is called but it is definitely my favourite. Levi is wearing his mom's outfit(?) how adorable! After taking the family photo little Levi left home. Can't wait for his next evolution! ♥ Status: Name: Levi Gender: M Stage: Toddler Parents: Ryan + My Melody Generation: 5
  7. I looked up the P's and I thought it was really pretty and seems like it has a lot of features to interact with and plus it works with ir devices which I'm finally planning to get for my iD L. I also know that the prices for the P's have increased tremendously since the last time I decided to check them out. Makes me regret not getting it for a more reasonable price back then. The cheapest I found was about $130 with shipping and I'm honestly not afraid to spend that amount since I saved up some money I got from a summer job I had last year. But one thing I have to find out is if it really is worth the $130 I'm about to spend. I'm sure it is worth it just looking at the price. I did do some research and found that a lot of people say that the P's are a favourite of theirs. I hope someone can tell me what the P's have that the iD L doesn't so I know I'm not getting something similar. I know there are information on that if I search it up but I want a someone's "real time" answer/opinion. edit: I decided not to buy it yet bc the one I was looking at was apparently sold. I'll still think about it though. Hopefully another cheap one pops up.
  8. ♥ ♥ Tamagotchi Dream Mix: Status: Name: Daisy Gender: F Stage: Teen Parents: Leo + Violetchi Generation: 3 Last night Daisy evolved into a toddler too! Look at how adorable she is! I wish I could keep her like this. She leaves home right after the new family photo is taken. Look at her little red cheeks. You don't know how hard it was for me to let her grow up. She evolved into a orange Tororitchi. I've never gotten Tororitchi before so I was kind of surprised after she evolved. I just can't wait to see how she looks as an adult. I wish I didn't have to wait a day for her to evolve.
  9. ♥ Tamagotchi Sanrio Mix: ♥ Status: Name: Ryan Gender: M Stage: Teen Parents: Tama + Decoratchi Generation: 4 Ryan evolved into a toddler last night. He looks just like how his father looked except for the colour. This makes me even more curious as to how he's going to look as an adult since the baby, toddler and teen stages don't really give you a hint. I just really hope the hair stops getting passed down. Of course right after taking the family photo Ryan has to leave home. He's still a bit homesick. Today Ryan evolved into a teen. He's a dark pink Haretchi with of course pink hair that I'm starting to really get sick of. He's also holding his little star wand that has survived 3 generations. Now to wait for the adult stage. ~
  10. ♥ ♥ Tamagotchi Dream Mix: Continuing from yesterday instead of me finding a partner for Leo he found someone by himself. It's Violetchi, I love her little flower ears(?). Little did Leo know someone had feelings for him and decided to surprise him with a proposal. It was Himebaratchi. He had to say no. He didn't waste any time and decided to propose to Violetchi. Looking forward to them having their own little family! They had a baby girl! Finally! Raising two boy tamas was just too much and for some reason I missed raising a girl tama. Maybe because I spent almost three days raising two boy tamas. She's a green Tamapatchi. I named her Daisy. Named her after a flower hoping she takes after her mom and maybe one day she can live in Flower Hills just like her mom did. Status: Name: Daisy Gender: F Stage: Baby Parents: Leo + Violetchi Generation: 3 Like Ryan, Daisy already evolved into a toddler I'll try to do a small update on both of them tomorrow. Thanks for reading!~
  11. ♥ Tamagotchi Sanrio Mix: So today Tama evolved into his final adult form. As you can see he's very very pink. He's still really cute though. He still has his pink hair. He has dark pink skin and Gudetama's face with his mother's smile. Still holding onto his star wand. I'm glad the wand is still being passed down. I hope it survives to the next generation. Genes in the Tamagotchi Mix is always a surprise for me. One of the reasons why I enjoy this Tamagotchi. There's always something to look forward to because you don't know what your tama is going to look like as it grows up. Tama got the conch horn from the Mermaid Palace banquet. While attempting to use the horn he gets kidnapped by ninjas and is taken to Gozaru Village. I live for these animations, they are too cute. Tama has been visiting Berry Town and it seems like he has already decided who he wanted to marry. He bought a ring and went ahead to propose to Decoratchi. She is too adorable, I can see why Tama chose to marry her. She said yes and they got married. Together they had a baby boy. He looks exactly like how Tama looked when he was a baby except he's pink. I decided to name him Ryan. He has already evolved into a toddler but I'll update more tomorrow. ♥ Status: Name: Ryan Gender: M Stage: Baby Parents: Tama + Decoratchi Generation: 4
  12. ♥ ♥ Tamagotchi Dream Mix: Very short little update of Leo. I missed it but Leo evolved into a regular Mokokotchi with Kuchipatchi lips. After a day Leo evolved. He looks just like his dad, only just a little darker green or maybe it's just my eyes. He also has his mother's pretty eyes. I gotta say though he looks really pretty. I mean look at those lashes and that blush. Look at Leo beside his father and his grandfather. He looks like a good mix of his mom and dad. I'm not kidding I fed him so much candy and he still kept frowning. I spent such a long time trying to figure out what he wanted. I ended up bathing him at least 3 times till he was happy again. I'm currently finding a partner for him. I have to be honest sometimes I get confused as to whether he's a boy or a girl. He's just too pretty and cute. I wonder what all the girl tamas think of him. Are they jealous of his long lashes? Currently deciding if I want to post the Sanrio update after this one or to just post it tomorrow. She still has 1 hour until she evolves into her adult form. So excited!
  13. ♥ Tamagotchi Sanrio Mix: Technically speaking this happened yesterday but I'll just say "Today..." because saying yesterday will just confuse me. Today Mela evolved into a orange Mametchi with Lala's hair and wand. I wasn't expecting her to turn orange or have red hair. Glad she wasn't yellow with red hair though because then she would look like the clown from McDonalds. Right after evolving they took a new family photo. I still don't see where the red hair comes from but I hope it doesn't come back to haunt me. Please stay in the 2nd Gen. Since she was so orange I thought she would really suit someone. That someone is Gudetama. Did you know that in the game Gudetama doesn't have a gender, I'm sure most of you all knew Gudetama is gender neutral but I had no idea. Anyways she got close with Gudetama and Gudetama ended up proposing to her. I was also thinking if they are both orange maybe I have a chance and raising a Gudetama with just a bit of difference. This got me excited. After the wedding an egg appeared. I guess I can't call it my grandchild anymore. My great grandson was born. Guess what?! IT LOOKS LIKE A BABY GUDETAMA! This gave me hope that he has a chance looking like his father! We'll just have to wait. I decided to name him Tama since it made sense. He got coincidentally got the same name his grandfather had. This is the cutest thing ever. A baby Gudetama next to an adult Gudetama. This is officially my favourite family photo. After an hour Tama decided to evolve. I prepared myself bc I didn't know if Tama kept his Gudetama appearance. To my surprise he did. He is a Gudetama with pink hair from his grandmother Lala and I'm guessing the cloud is from her as well. He looks so adorable although he looks more like a girl bc of the long pink hair. But he still has his adult stage to go through so even I don't know whether he'll have pink hair in the end. Gave you guys a side by side comparison from baby to toddler. Look at that glow up. Edit: I just noticed that Tama looks like a oompa loompa but instead of green hair it's pink omg. ♥ Status: Name: Tama Gender: M Stage: Toddler Parents: Mela + Gudetama Generation: 3 ~ Can't wait to update you guys tomorrow, or the day after, when he evolves into an adult. Also I've been making gifs because this whole time I thought you couldn't exceed 8 pictures in a post. edit: Turns out you can upload up to 10 lmao. Not much of a difference from 8, I was gonna be like yay no more gifs but nvm.
  14. ♥ ♥ Tamagotchi Dream Mix: I'm starting to wonder if I'm updating my log too often. Yesterday Hana went to propose to someone special. Little did she know she would get rejected. At first it seemed like she was okay but then she suddenly got mad and threw the ring away. She went to Patchi Forest again hoping to find someone else. To her surprise there was someone who had feelings for her. Turns out Kuchipatchi had been hiding his feelings. He surprised her with a proposal. It was so sweet. She accepted it and they got married just like that. I was so happy that she found someone who actually loves her. They gave me a grandson. So far he's just a normal coloured Tamabotchi. I named him Leo. One hour later Leo evolved into a toddler. He is a white Mittsupotchi and has his father's lips but instead of green it's white. Then Leo decided it was time to go his own way. He said his goodbyes and made his way out the door. I'm excited to see what Leo will look like as a teen/adult. Status: Name: Leo Gender: M Stage: Toddler Parents: Lovelitchi and Kuchipatchi Generation: 2
  15. ♥ Tamagotchi Sanrio Mix: It's really late where I live but I'm still awake so here's a small update. After picking her up from her parents house she decided to evolve. This is what I've been waiting for. I was so excited! She still has her Lala's hair but in black. She also got her little star wand. She's also still bright yellow like Mametchi and she has a Haretchi base which I really wasn't expecting for some reason. I'll just have to wait to see who's eyes she'll get. Time for a new family photo! I always love seeing this part! Too bad they don't put Kiki in the picture behind Lala since they are practically related. She just seems so lonely in the photo especially because she doesn't smile. She showed me some tricks she could do with the wand she inherited from her mother. I'm praying that this wand goes down a few generations because it looks really cool. I hope multiple gifs aren't too distracting to look at. I'll probably switch back and forth from pics and gifs depending on how many photos I take. ♥ Status: Name: Mela Gender: F Stage: Teen Parents: Mametchi + Lala Generation: 2