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    Super cute and pink things, cute Japanese toys,digital pets,Pretty cure,Pokemon, if its from Japan and super cute and girly, chances are I like it.

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  1. I really like all the precure virtual pets, but I have to say that the mix commune and the splash commune are the most fun, you get to play with moop and foop in that one,so that's why I love it so much.
  2. Has anyone tried the my mix land website with their mix yet?
  3. I just received my tamagotchi mix! It's so cute

    1. riss2004m


      Did you get a boy or girl? How exciting!

    2. Doremi


      I reset it like 5 times until I got a girl, lol

  4. So addicted to himitsu no cocotama! Need to buy everything I can find of it

  5. I kinda cheated on mine, and changed the date to some holidays to get some of the holiday deco items. Got a box of chocolate for Valentine's day, a jack o lantern for Halloween, and a Christmas tree for Christmas.theres 12 holiday deco items to get.
  6. I just received my pink one,I chose to care for melody first. I really like this so far, it's so cute! The animations are really nice.
  7. I will be buying the pink one from rakuten.
  8. A Nana moon mini, cure passion's pickrun, and the milky note from yes! Precure 5 gogo
  9. I just received mine today, I got the mini version, but I would love to get the maxi version because it has more than 2 games.And I like how the shell looks.
  10. I have one of these coming in the mail! I love the cute characters.
  11. I'm playing moco moco friends,the cutest 3ds game ever!!
  12. Himitsu no cocotama, its so so adorable! I can't wait to collect toys and plush of the adorable characters.
  13. I want the watch so bad, but the Japanese seller I was gonna buy it from said it has a lithium battery in it so they couldn't ship it to the USA because of stupid customs.same with the jewelpad. But if you want to know any more about the jewelpods or the music pod, which I honestly didn't find nearly as fun as the jewelpods,just ask away!