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  1. Did you try posting an ISO in the traders group? I feel like I saw one not long ago
  2. They pop up on the Facebook group from time to time. That's a good place to look! You might find someone willing to sell
  3. @Eggweg yes that's the one! Thanks for the correction, I couldn't remember the name since it's been a while since I ran it Haha
  4. That's a tough one, there's so many! I really like the memory games a lot which is on a couple devices now, and on the new Easter meets too. It feels like an actual game to me, though it's a slow way to earn money! But overall the run game on the idl English version. Not sure if it's on normal idl's because I have yet to run one, but that game is super fun.
  5. I've never had an issue with having mine marry in the past. As long as the friendship meter is high and you have a ring, you should be able to marry the tama you want. Maybe you only see one specific one because it has good features that would make cute babies? Not sure about the second part but you should be good!
  6. Thanks for your input, we married today with same genders on our m!x, and ended up getting opposite gender children for the first time in 8 generations!! We smashed different buttons in hopes that it would help, kinda like smashing the A and B button when trying to catch a pokemon hahaha. Not sure if it helped but we got what we wanted! I guess we are just super unlucky sometimes. Hopefully this trend continues so we can marry each other more often!
  7. Hello everyone. My wife and I each have a spacey m!x. We got these not only for nostalgia, but also with the intention to breed with each other as often as possible. Our first gen was boy/girl, so that went well and we married through connection. However for 7 gens now we have had the same gender every single time, and I feel like the odds of that happening must be pretty low at this point. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem, and if there is anything we can do to get opposite genders again without resetting our devices. I have heard rumors that there are potentially tricks to getting a specific gender but nothing has turned out conclusive. Any tip for us? Are we just super unlucky, or is there actually something we can do on our part to finally breed with each other again? Thank you!
  8. Luckily I was able to snag an english anglegotchi on ebay. However I really really want the Santagotchi, but it's ridiculous how expensive they are. The 1997 Collectors Edition Tamagotchi is pretty cool and not crazy money, so I guess that's more realistic for me hahaha!
  9. I have a collectors mentality about almost everything. Tamagotchi's are naturally so collectible and I love it! There are so many different colors and versions, and they are all unique in their own way. I just want them all hahaha!
  10. I actually really like the fact that they are all solid, bold colors, it looks striking to the eyes. This design is nice, and the new features seem pretty exciting. But I agree with EternalMametchiFan, they are expensive, hopefully the price will go down in time!
  11. It is possible that it is broken. That gunk could be glue that maybe melted and re hardened over time. I would recommend that you try to clean it off as best you can and maybe you can salvage the connections. This sometimes happens to old gameboy color and N64 games. Sometimes they work again when cleaned, sometimes not. Hope this helps, best of luck!