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  1. Hi Tamatalk, I hope someone here (possibly also from the UK) can help me out here. Back in 2005, I got my first ever v2's, one of them with this design (which I still own) http://php.scripts.psu.edu/dmh5086/t/i/shells/v2/yellow_stars.jpg and the other one I got swear had this design: http://php.scripts.psu.edu/dmh5086/t/i/shells/v2/yellow_arrows.jpg which had a very short life (it met Mr. Washing Machine a few weeks after running it). My first Tamas I had raised on them both became Nyorotchi. Everywhere I look online about for this design it is listed as a V1 or Tamagotchi Plus. There is a chance it COULD'VE been this one: http://gamesworldbodmin.co.uk/images/tamagotchi%20v2%20yellow%20and%20orange.JPG but the only two pictures I can find of this design are very low quality and cannot tell which background it has (both of my Tamas had the numbers background) and this design isn't listed on project TamaShell. So does anyone own or seen a V2 tama with the yellow orange arrow design, or am I just going crazy!?
  2. After looking around YouTube, I believe the Poomki Pal has the same guts as this Tamagotchi clone:
  3. Ah yes I believe I have 3 Poomki Pals I bought when I was younger as they were extremely cheap (£2 I believe). I've just gotten back into Tamagotchi so I might upload a video showing off a Poomki Pal after I find them as I'm sure they'll be sitting right at the bottom of a toy box. If I remember correctly, you could choose which pet you wanted (they were mainly real life animals and a few wannabe Tamagotchi characters as well) and they were extremely hard to look after, I was lucky to keep them alive for 2 days .