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  1. I checked with him and said its none, however we are still checking tamenagerie thankies
  2. My boyfriend told me a while ago about an off brand tama he once owned, and how much hed like to find one like that again Im hoping someone can help me The shell was shaped like a pawprint, it was purple and it had the nanopuppy sprite 4 buttons, round. and he said it came with a keychain and a wristband like a watch strap and it was definitly bought in the 90s. If someone has any info about it, know if i can get it somewhere or just have a pic, please tell me. thank you very much
  3. hello, first post here im not even sure im on the right board but can anyone tell me the favourite meal of each tama from tamagotchi friends? im having a really hard time finding out. thanks <3