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  1. Hello, Tama Fans! Just wanted to know if anyone knows where I can find a blank template for tamagotchi p's faceplate so I could personalize it and print it out in picture paper to personalize my P's!
  2. Thank you so much!! I think I'll go with this option! I'll order it as soon as I get my paycheck this week! Thanks!!!😄😄
  3. Thank you all for all of the good options! I'll give them a try!!
  4. That's actually a good option. It is a lot cheaper too. Maybe I'll get a IRDA USB and just use these Virtual Deco Pierces instead! Altgough there are a couple which I would like to physically have, this is a good option for the rest of them! Thank You!
  5. Well thanks Debibu! I'll try to see if i could find some before resorting to amazon and ebay's expensive prices. I saw the melody land pierce being 140$ for just the pierce and I was quite shocked. Glad I got the melody land set tamagotchi p's years ago when it was on sale. They just keep getting very pricey. Plus the Puerto Rico shipping and taxes? I'll be spending over 200$ on a pierce. It's crazy.
  6. Hey tamalovers!!! Does anyone know where can I purchase Deco Pierces that is not on ebay or amazon? Because they are getting very expensive there. If there isn't another website where i could get it, I'll have to make a huge dent in my wallet 😅
  7. Thank You Guys so much. I'll look into all of those links for help. My tamagotchi arrived on Monday, and it's just the most precious thing ever! A nice cover will help me maintain and improve its beauty. Thanks Again! - Gina (GinaJinSarang)
  8. I have recently ordered a Tamagotchi p's Melody Land Set and I want to treat it like the beautiful fragile baby that it is. I want to be able to knit / crochet my own cover for it, but I am kind of new to this kind of thing. If anyone has any tips or patterns to help me out here, that would be great! I was thinking a pouch kind of design / pattern for my cover. I don't have much money so buying a cover might not be the best option, although I might consider if a good price is offered.