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  1. Hello,I'm new here ^^ I know so many things of tamagotchi friends life... Tamagotchi friends life 0-3 years - baby 3-6 years - teenager 6 to 99 year - adult 1 day = 1 year Thats that ^^ Tamagotchi Friends sleep Babies and teenagers are going to bed at 7:00 (at night) and its stand up at 9:00 (morning) Adult is going to bed at 10:00 (night) and its stand up at 9:00 (morning) Secret Games if you got 30/60 jewels you will got first game If you got 60/60 jewels you wil got second game and you will have all 5 games Mine Tamagotchi friends is not American If you have questions type it to comment ^&^