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  1. really interesting. Whats the date for the release? The official page is kind of confusing. I see a link to a switch package but it doesn't seem like the tama is included? How do you purchase the box?
  2. Are there more active tama forums out there? I don't enjoy reddit so I'm not interested in r/tamagotchi. Also are there any discord groups?

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    2. milkgotchi


      Hey thanks!!

    3. Jhud


      Most people are either in facebook groups (tamagotchi traders and ancestors) or on the discord server mentioned above. Unfortunately forums have become quite unpopular :(

    4. Iamtamagotchi


      thanks for dropping that discord i had been looking for something like that to join

  3. My Santaclautchi is here!! Absolutely perfect condition with no scratches, box in perfect condition, and instructions included! It’s a lot smaller than I originally thought. Probably about the same size as a P1. The guide makes the tamagotchi seem like it’s somewhat difficult to properly raise. Maybe a log will come soon!


  4. That sucks. I would definitely return it. If you've lost the receipt try fiddling with the batteries as they may be the issue. My guess though is that it's a manufacturing error like eggiweg says. Sorry friend!
  5. Ahhh. I finally got a santaclautchi ;-; I can't wait till it arrives. JYW had one for a steal price so I just had to.

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    2. milkgotchi


      Would people be interested in that? Not sure if I could even keep up with logging haha

    3. Penguin-keeper


      You're the first person that I've ever met who owns one, so I'd certainly be interested! :lol: But it's only worth writing a log if you'd find it fun - never mind what anybody else thinks. :)

    4. milkgotchi


      Ah really? Neat! Yeah a log could be cool!~ I'll definitely think about it 🙂

  6. I’ve long thought the P’s is the best. IMO even without deco Pierce’s it has a lot of cool content. Out of the classics tho.. I think the Uratama is up there. Or the v5. Hard to choose 😭 sucks how much content has been lost on the newer Tama’s. The Meet’s bluetooth capability is definitely a step in the right direction tho.
  7. Just got the anniversary gift ver. of the tamagotchi m!x. Got a time machine as a present from gift town. It was listed under my special items and when I used it my toddler became an adult with hearts always floating around it? Is this a one time only thing? Can you get the time machine item again? Is this just used so you can mix faster or something? I couldn't find answers anywhere haha
  8. Got a anniversary addition m!x in the mail today. This is my first mix and wow the buttons are so nice to press. I really like the screen colors too. I feel like these are way superior to the Meets. Also I noticed a lot less lag than the Meets as well. I took out the batteries of my Meets and now I’m gonna run this one. So much nicer. Does the M!x connect to the app at all?

    1. Eggiweg


      You can enter the app using the passcode feature, but you get automatically kicked out after 5 minutes. You can't marry your character off however.

  9. Got my tama home deka in the mail today! It’s so satisfying to push the big buttons. Also coming in the mail today hopefully are my PriTamaGo and my Momo Motchimaruzu!! So excited to try out a virtual pet that isn’t tamagotchi. 

  10. Entirely stripped a screw in my genjintch 😞 the head has basically a circle in it. Having to get a friend to fix it on Saturday. Bummed because I dinged and scratched the black plastic a little bit trying to get it out. Hoping I have give it a gentle buffing to fix that. Meanwhile I ordered some stainless steal screw replacements and the appropriate screwdriver off of JPYW. I had a small enough screw driver at home but the screw was so tight that it still stripped. Don’t be like me. Get a JIS 😭

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    2. Penguin-keeper


      @Eggiweg - Ooh, I'm going to make a note of that one for the future. Great tip! :D

    3. milkgotchi


      @Eggiweg I actually tried that and it didn’t work ;-; luckily my friend is an engineer and has all kinds of tools and he’s really confident he’ll be able to get out tomorrow. I’m also gonna let him fix my 4U which has some corrosion and wiring problems. Hopefully all goes well ! I’ll update

    4. Eggiweg


      Good luck!

  11. ccry crying GIFtrying to convince my 13 y/o sister to buy a tamagotchi but she doesn't care about them wahhh. I remember when she was like 4 or 5 years younger she always wanted to play with my tamas. It hurts my soul that she doesn't care about them anymore. They grow up so fast ahh

    1. GrumpyPoney


      I think it's because the kids are used of more "modern" thing as applications on phone or else ^^; or she just changed her hobbies it happens. Maybe she'll got nostalgic in some years and go back to it

  12. Does anyone have experience fixing dead pixels? I purchased a Genjintch awhile back but there's a line of dead pixels and it really annoys me. Anyone know what to do bout it?

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    2. Dragonboy


      Makes me think of an issue old school gameboys used to have, and it could sometimes be fixed by running a soldering iron across the contacts between the screen an the motherboard. I've never taken a Tama apart for repair before, but if you've got a soldering iron it might be worth running it over the solder to see if it reseats the component. - Gameboy tutorial link

      I could be totally 100% wrong as I don't know how the insides look, it could be that its not doable at all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      I hope you're able to fix it!!

    3. Eggiweg


      @Dragonboy I'd advise against doing that for the B&W tamagotchis because the screen contacts are pretty much just pads on the PCB so there's no actual solder to reflow.


    4. Dragonboy


      Ah - gotcha. I've never seen inside one so I wasn't sure if they internals were similar. Makes sense for something this small in form factor :)

  13. I recently purchased this on eBay because it looked interesting. I couldn't find a wiki article about it or much info anywhere else. I don't think it's a traditional tama in which you hatch and raise a baby. I believe it's an accessory for possibly the v3 or v4? Does anyone know or recognize this big boy and can give me some details about it? Seems to be from 2005 according to the bandai copyright on the box.
  14. Hey, wow! Haven't been on the site in like five years. Took a break from collecting tamas because i went to college and couldn't really afford it. Now its five years later though and I've picked it up again and have tripled my collection! Wonder if any old heads are still on the site? Hope all is well!

    1. Penguin-keeper


      I'm not one of the old crowd, but it's nice to meet you! :D

      Picking the hobby up again and taking your collection to new places as a result is great fun, I think.

    2. milkgotchi


      Yeah! I'm really excited about growing it! Hope all is well x Nice to meet you!

    3. Dragonboy


      Hello, old member here! *wave*

      Welcome back! It's always nice when people return to this forum. 🙂

  15. Next in my collection: Tamagotchi + Color!

    1. tamapalace


      its a classic!