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    Mayer, AZ, USA
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    I enjoy swimming, hiking, biking, and gardening. I used to drive a school bus, but now I paint houses. I also enjoy participating in horse shows as well as tamas. I also raise Ball Pythons, and have 4 of them. Maxwell the boy, Peggy Sue, Greta, and Brandi are the girls.

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    Ancestors-P1-2, P2-4, Santaclautch(green)-1,Osu-Mesu pair-clear Mesu/smoky Osu, USA Ocean(Blue Bubbles)-1, USA Angel(blue-gold wing, white-gold wing)-2, Morino(yellow w/vines)-1. Connection (2004 style)- V1-2 (one cobalt blue, one light blue), V2-2 (both solid black, one English, one Japanese), V3-3 (flour. yellow,blue trim, blue waves, multi-color(custom painted by me), V4-4 (trans. white,blue trim, pyscho plaid, glow-in-the-dark, 1 custom (self painted), V5-3 blue,black trim(the 5), Space Trip, Undecorated-iridescent pure white, V6(Music Star)-3 Blue Rock City, Disco Lights, Blue Equalizer, V7(Tama Go)-1 Black with Mametchi, wave 2. Japanese Tamas- Neon Blue Uratama-2, Akai Keitai-2 (one Meta red, one pure white), Keitai-1 (Trans. Blue with letters and numbers),Entama-1 Silver/brown trim, Kakeibo-1 (blue), Tama Suku-2, (one dark blue(v1), one light blue and green(v2), Dekas-3 (one home deka, one king of games, one tama fure),Nano-1 (black Tama Depa special edition), Chibi(mini)-4 (2 light blue, one blue Uniqlo special, one blue with yellow trim-p2 ancestor has same shell), Color Tamas-5 Tama+Color-1(black) ID-1(blue), IDL-2,one Japanese, one English (both blue), Tama 4U-1 (blue). Odd pets-9, and 1 blue Cheeks Chan. Just added 1 purple Japanese IDL to the collection-IDL English retired. Also just added a turquoise Dinkie Dino-never owned one before.Oops-- forgot to add v5.5-light blue jewels, and Japanese v5.5 Royal Family beach--I had to go through my totes--my memory stinks sometimes. Got an English-patched blue Ps about a month ago--no pierces yet, and an aqua Hitorikko.
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    I like 'em all-no favoritism.
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    Royal family beach Japanese v5.5, and an aqua Hitorikko.
  1. I have one of those too, but mine dosen't look like a penguin. Mine is egg-shaped, and blue and green. Spongebob is on mine also, as well as all the other characters you listed. It is pretty bad, and the reset button is also on the front, so easy to push by mistake. The only good thing about these is that they are inexpensive.
  2. VERY late to the party, but Happy Birthday Tamatalk!!!! I've been too busy, I guess.
  3. Those are adorable!!! Great work, you guys!!!
  4. My best deal was my green Santaclautch in got in 2004. I got it at Goodwill for 20 or 25 dollars (been so long I forgot). Brand new in box, just needed new batteries, works fine.
  5. I still run my greyscale tamas every now and then when I choose to run one. Also my Uratamas, and Akais. I'll choose to run those over any of my color ones.
  6. I love my 80s Box---80s compilation, 3 CD set.
  7. Bejeweled 3, Jardinains 1 and 2, Q-bert, Tetris, Pac-Man, ans Ms. Pac-Man. I like old school games.
  8. Peggy Sue's eggs are 5 days away from hatching. She laid 8 eggs.