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  1. *link removed & topic closed - please see explanatory post below*
  2. Avii

    [Pokemon Omega Ruby] Oh my gosh.

    arg I miss my old pokemon games i lent them with one of my gameboys to my friend and they deleted all of the saved data so I just sorta gave up on trying to play with them. I'd found a glitch that let you duplicate pokemon so I had like 20 rayquaza(s) and shE DELETED THEM A L L :angry: :angry:
  3. I know I already posted today but holy hell I just found out my tama baby sits ontop of his daddies head while he plays on the laptop This is why I love the shimashimatachi figure, the items you can get are so cool
  4. It's day 2 of them being married and They just had a baby! I didn't catch what gender it is but I think it's another boy because of the lips. this time I'm gonna try again for shimashimatchi or urutchi, which are the "okay care" male tamas. I tried for one of those last time but got "good care", so I have to tone it down a little bit more which always makes me feel really guilty
  5. I think that's exactly what I'm gonna do
  6. Avii

    Webkinz X

    I feel like webkinz was fun while it was still original and new... now it sort of seems like they're beating a dead horse, maybe selling out too.
  7. And is a 4u+ worth the money?
  8. Avii

    Your Tama Schedule

    My tama is set to real time, and I try not to pause it almost ever. I think the only times I pause it is when I know I'll be busy and wont be able to get to it (Which hasen't been the case for like a month haha) Things like going to movies and such. I don't really have too much of a set time for everything, however sometimes I can't get to my tama in time before he goes to bed at 8:45 :< it always scares me cause I'm afraid he wont be alive the next morning for some reason? Also because I sleep late and go to bed late I almost never catch him right when he wakes up or before, and I always get a little bit of a heart attack when I wake up to check on him xD
  9. Avii

    Do you remember your first tama?

    Mine was a v3, then i lost it, got a 4v and went a couple years before getting a tama go (v7)
  10. I'm trying to decide which one to get, but I'm not sure if i want to spend all the money on a 4u+
  11. I wonder if it'll work on the 4u plus...
  12. Avii

    Sea Monkeys!

    I've never had good luck with those things... best of luck to you!!
  13. I'm on my third gen so far on my tama go, and although I tried to get shimashimatchi I ended up taking too good of care of my tama (haha). He just married today and I'm hoping they'll have a female baby because so far I've only had boys my tama-go has the itchigotchi figure and face plate on it right now, but I usually switch between the shimashimatchi and itchigotchi figure (because I like their extras the best)
  14. What do you guys think? Would anyone commission me?
  15. I'm about to get a silver angelgotchi