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  1. The last time I ran my Music Star, I found it oddly complicated. The stress counter especially, it felt like I had to constantly play the games since the character started playing on their instrument on their own all the time, and that indeed raised their stress level.
  2. Even though the games have already got a lot of negative feedback, I'm looking forward to Pokemon Sword and Shield. Especially now that I own a Switch. Also Animal Crossing: New Horizons looks like it'll be sweet! So many new things.
  3. I'm not exactly a paranormal investigator myself, but I do have an interest in all things paranormal and would definitely like to see the footage too. Since I also have a fear of death, it's oddly reassuring to read or hear stories like this.
  4. Let's Go Eevee, and I'm enjoying it so far!
  5. I feel like I really need one, it's cool to see a color screen release in English. Even though it's just an America thing, I need one. Preferably the mint or purple one.
  6. I'm just wondering what other members' favorite tamagotchi games are. I must say I'm quite fond of heading from the v3.
  7. There's apparently a new Animal Crossing game coming out this year, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it'll be like. It's going to be on Switch though and I don't have one, but I'm still curious to see either way.
  8. I decided to run my P's today and after setting the time was delighted to see it snowing outside! It's so pretty.

  9. I'm not completely sure where to post this, so this section seems like the best bet. My original Tamagotchi that looks like this (image doesn't belong to me) has its exceptionally tiny screws completely stripped. When I got the tama years ago, I tried to unscrew the screws with a screwdriver too big and thus ruined the screws completely. Now that I tried to unscrew the screws again today, with the help of duct tape and a screwdriver as small as I could find (and failed), I wondered if anyone here has had the same problem. Or maybe have some tips to share. Is there any way to safely get the screws out, as in without having to damage the shell of the tama? It's a big shame that I went and ruined the screws, which is also why I've only been able to run the tama once. Oof.
  10. If I remember correctly, both my V2 (a flowery pink one) and V3 (a translucent green one) have that kind of 'heartbeat'. I can hear it when it's really quiet and the tamas are close to me, or just by holding the tama close to my ear. It isn't too bothersome but I'd honestly prefer if they didn't make that noise at all. I'm also pretty sure my other tamas don't make the noise. As for the topic of lower sounds, I've noticed that the sounds of my silver V4 are quite low, at least compared to the others. It has bothered me a little since they feel so... deep, while the others are softer if that makes sense.
  11. Just Animal Crossing again, I recently redecorated my house and I feel really content with it now. Feels cozy. It was the prep-school uniform, but I have it now!
  12. I've been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Pokemon Crystal recently. I'm not doing anything specific in ACNL (except for waiting for a specific item to appear in the clothing store), but in Crystal I'm trying to hatch a shiny Cleffa. I'll get there!
  13. Having a little virtual pet Eevee to carry around would be adorable, I'm definitely a fan of this.
  14. What a pleasant upgrade! I'm quite used to seeing this layout on different forums so it's pretty cool to see it here too. I can almost feel the smoothness of the site.
  15. I have a collection of Lilo & Stitch merchandise, mainly Stitch-themed stuff. Here's a photo of the plushies (and the plastic figure) I currently own: The photo doesn't have all of the stuff I have at the moment since gathering it all for one photo would be a bit of a hassle. I happened to have the plush photo on me since a person asked about it on another forum.