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  1. Started playing Persona Golden Edition yesterday. It's really good so far so I'm wondering if any of you have played it?

  2. So I made a topic like I was supposed to on the page I was supposed to in order to access TamaCHAT. However, it's been like 3 days now and I still haven't gotten an answer. I'm totally okay with waiting longer but I'm just wondering if anyone knows if the admins or on vacation or something?

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    2. Shyruni


      I'm waiting too, I feel your pain XD

    3. TheYatagarasu


      I submitted one five days ago, it's still pending. The admins will get around to it when they have the time :)

    4. KawaiiAwesome:3


      I know how ya guys feel...

  3. My Tama's clocks are usually set to real time and normally are only paused when I'm driving or in school. I do bring them to school but I don't keep them paused during lunch or passing periods as I tend to take care of them at those times. Though, if I can leave them at Tama Pre-school or Tama School I'll do that instead of setting them to sleep. When I get home I usually check their needs right away and fix anything that might be going awry before I continue on with my day. I usually check on them occasionally from there on before going to bed at around 9 PM.
  4. I may not know you but I would still like to wish you a good one on your special day! Happy birthday stranger!

    1. oddsandendswithlove


      Thank you! I havent been signed in yere in a while lol

  5. I may not know you but I would still like to wish you a good one on your special day! Happy birthday stranger!

  6. Just ordered the Dream Ribbon Deco Pierce! Can't wait until it gets here!

    1. Shyruni


      Fun fun! Tell us how it is when you get it!

    2. TheNumber1Hero


      Okay! Will do!

    3. KawaiiAwesome:3
  7. Okay! Glad you could figure it out! Though someone should close the topic now if they can.
  8. Trying to get Mametchi on my Tamagotchi 4U is harder than I originally thought....

    1. KawaiiAwesome:3


      its hard on alot of them

  9. I remeber once that I wanted something of my brother's really bad. Usually at this age if I or one of my brothers wanted something that another sibling had, we would trade various items for it... Yeah, my brothers and I were little adults when it came to fighting over toys. Well I don't quite remember what I wanted of his but I do know that he had wanted one of my tamagotchis for a while. However all mine were pink or other various girly shades. So what did I do? I took a green sharpie and colored one of my pink V5 tamagotchis sharpie forrest green. He ended up accepting my offer but years later didn't want it anymore. I was able to reverse most of the damage by using a little trick that I learned as a kid. If you ever put sharpie on smooth plastic cover whatever is covered in that marker ink with expo marker and it will all wipe right off! Still works to this day and has saved a couple of my tamagotchis too!
  10. Well my birthstone is Ruby but I act nothing like her. I'm more like Lapis Lazuli but if I had to pick one that wasn't taken it would be Agate.
  11. Did you at any time have your tamagotchi go to a different job? Even for a second? Also it could be that for the 30 hours to count you must have your tamagotchi working for the entire 8 hours that is possible each day. Maybe it doesn't work if you just have them work 3 each day. I'd try staring over with the job thing but have them work the entire day this time if I were you. That's all that I can think would be wrong so I hope my advice ends up helping. Good luck with getting that special item!