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    Indiana, United States of America
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    Writing, fanfiction, reading, crochet, modeling clay, anime, manga, cosplay, roleplay, and Tamagotchis of course!

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    A Tamagotchi V4.5, a Tamagotchi V5, a Tamagotchi Music Star, a TamaTown Tama-Go, a Tamagotchi +Color, a Tamagotchi P's, and a Tamagotchi 4U.
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    Tamagotchi 4U
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    My Tamagotchi P's and my Tamagotchi 4U.

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Hey, I am TheNumber1Hero but if that's a little long for you I can also go by Hero. If you're looking at my bio you probably want to know more about me. I'm currently a high school student in the USA who enjoys drawing, writing, roleplaying, and reading. I especially love drawing fanart and writing fanfiction. I want to pursue a job as a psychotherapist when I'm older mainly because I love to help my friends out in any way I can. That includes anyone on this website as well. If anyone wants to vent or have another opinion, I'm all ears and always ready to listen.