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  1. Thinking of getting a Dream Town Tamagotchi. I'm a bit saddened by the lack of KuroMametchi though T.T

  2. Assuming you have a baby Tamagotchi atm, they have one nap they take before they evolve into a child, usually about thirty minutes after their birth. It will take place no matter what the time is, but shouldn't last for too long.
  3. Your stat points are why. In order to get a job, you have to meet a certain stat requirement to get it, otherwise they won't let you in. I'm not sure what the requirements are for a job exactly, but I do know there are certain jobs that revolve around a certain stat. I remember I had a Tamagotchi with nothing but Strength, and he was hired for the Firefighting position. Most of the other jobs he couldn't qualify for. My recommendation is just to keep raising those stats, and eventually he/she should qualify for at least one.
  4. Oh yeah. When I was young, I played the heck outta Tamatown. Never was able to get to Music City since my parents wouldn't let me have an account there, but I still have fond memories of Tamatown. Everytime I hear dat music, man the memories
  5. Daaaaang, nice to see some Digimon on the market. Way too expensive for my price range though, guess I'll have to stick with Digimon Dusk for now. T.T But yeah, like the others, I suggest Tamagotchi P, not because I have one but because everyone recommends them and I've never heard anything bad about them. It's worth a shot.
  6. The Legend has Returned!

  7. Same as some others, I'm leaving home tomorrow and won't have internet for a week, so peace!

  8. Many people recommend the P's in terms of a modern tamagotchi. I don't have one myself, but I asked the same question you did and pretty much everyone listed P. As for any of the versions, it depends on whether you want simplicity or gameplay. V3 or v5 for simplicity, v4 or v6 for gameplay. Hope this helped!
  9. I've heard the Tamagotchi P's are really good, though I don't own one myself. If you're looking for an older model, I recommend a v4 or v6. Angelgotchi is supposedly really good too.
  10. I got a lot of recommendations for Tamagotchi P, but it looks rather feminine to me. I'm a 19 year old guy, so it might not suit me as well as the older models. P owners, what are your thoughts?

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    2. cherryxz


      You can customise it... No worries there :)

    3. KawaiiAwesome:3


      like with gotchi gear!;)

    4. Kuchipatchilove6971


      You can always customize it! Besides, IT IS AWESOME!

  11. What Tamagotchi version you talking about?
  12. I'm thinking of getting a Tamagotchi for the first time in years. What would you guys recommend?

  13. Update on Even Legends Have Humble Beginnings!

  14. DAWN OF THE SECOND DAY Hawk woke up bright and early despite having stayed up way past his bedtime the previous night. Still, a warrior might awake bright and early in preparation for his duties. He spent the first moments of his morning once again training among the clouds, getting more and more skilled. He never missed a single cloud, he always knew he would make it to the next one, and he always did. The option of Tug of War as training was also now possible, but he decided to stick with what he understood for now. It wasn't long before he suddenly received a letter, which ended up being an invitation to a mysterious place known as "Preschool". Interested in what this new venture might offer, he accepted and quickly traveled to the location in question. It was full of other creatures like them, also with great potential no doubt. It wasn't long before he found the sender, the "teacher". After a short conversation discussing terms, he was handed a backpack with instructions to return daily. He gladly accepted, and walked back towards his training grounds. Thankfully, the nearby merchant was having a sale, so Hawk purchased a Pencil. That would definitely be useful later on, perhaps to send a SOS in case anything happened to him on his journeys, or for a map. An hour later, he received another mysterious letter. He was shocked to see that the seal on the envelope was the King's seal! Hastily opening it, in it were regards from the King recognizing his capabilities and mentioning his potential as a future hero for the Kingdom. As an investment, he sent 1000g along with the letter, which Hawk happily received. Now more vigorous than ever, he continued his training. He rested for the evening after a hard day's work. He had received a few letters of disapproval from fellow Tamagotchis as well as having gone under depression for some of the time, but all in all, he felt happy over his achievements of the day. After filling up once more on scones in the area, still in good shape, he laid down and slept for the night, curious what adventures might await him tomorrow...
  15. Question, I have notifications for TamaCHAT, but it says I'm not qualified to use it. How does it work exactly?

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    2. Nazotchi25


      Yeah as said above you must apply. Also, those aren't notifications on the TamaCHAT section, its actually the amount of users in the chat room :)

    3. KawaiiAwesome:3


      Could you pm me that link pls?

    4. Avii


      Just copy and paste it!