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  1. Quick announcement! I'm sure no-one was actually following my logs, but if anyone was, this is just a courtesy to say that I'll be ending it here. It was a fun start, but I think I'll find a blog-type platform that makes it easier to manage and edit my posts. Thanks all! Edit - moved to here: https://virtualworldofdani.wordpress.com/
  2. Hiyas, Can anyone tell me why I can't edit my posts anymore in my tama logs thread? I thought it'd be less spammy to consolidate all my logs into one thread, but it seems to have stopped allowing me to edit posts that are a couple of days old now. That kind of defeats the whole purpose of my logs. Can anyone tell me if this is how these forums are supposed to work? Cheers
  3. Day 4, Umino... We had a pretty rough start today. First, he slept with a poop overnight - I didn't quite catch him before he went to sleep at 7 to clean it up (always forget the Umino goes to bed so early). Then he beeped at me with a polar bear attack - I'm pressing buttons and tapping the screen immediately, but for some reason the bear just didn't want to scare off and my poor little guy got hurt. Of course I fixed him up straight away, but with the events of the day, I wasn't holding out much hope. And then! A transformation! I'm so pretty. Behold, Otototchi. I'm pretty happy to have this guy, the healthier of the two teens. I'm feeling rather accomplished to have cared for him to at least this stage! (Unlike my poor Morino...) Day 3, Osutchi and Mesutchi.... Mesu & Osu are now 2 years old and love beeping for attention (at the same time, naturally). I'm still finding it odd that these pair were designed to continue calling for discipline long after their meter is full. Apart from that, there's not much to report. Day 3, Angelgotchi... My angel almost met her untimely demise last night. After opening my new P1 yesterday (in the BEST condition box I have seen for something sitting around in storage since 1997), I was a little concerned about battery degradation and corrosion. My P1 needed new batteries immediately, but I had to hand it over to my handy tech man who carefully etched away some of the corrosion from 18 or so yr old batteries before I could get the new ones working. My angel had been sounding a bit distorted lately so I figured I should do the same with it, but unfortunately, those old screws like to stick in there really tight and we didn't quite manage to drill out the left one (why is it always the left one?). So this is what the back of my angelgotchi currently looks like: Eep. There's some depreciation. ... sadface. So, Kodoten is still flitting around on my screen, having survived an early departure. Actually, I forgot to mention yesterday that she transformed. It must have been after my log. Survival of the fittest. I may have also ordered another pink version for about $20 AUD including shipping instead. >.> I think my fiance is starting to lose his patience with my hobby..... - more in progress -
  4. Day 3, Umino... Kuragetchi was a little more manageable today. However, I wasn't going to risk not being able to answer his call while I caught up with my friend for lunch, so he went on pause for a while. I don't want to jinx myself but I'm getting a lot less octosplooges today *grabs desk and sends a desperate prayer to the wood-touching gods* *....... wait* >.> Day 16, P2... ... I'm so sorry Zukitchi. I know it's cruel but I didn't have time for all your incessant beeping and... I didn't want to wait for you to die. I put the tab in this one for now Day 2, Osutchi and Mesutchi.... Talk about a loveable pair. Still easy to care for, still very pleasant little critters. I'm starting to get the game tune in my head though... beep di di beep di di beep di-di.. beep... >_< [Edit] They do ask for a lot of discipline though. I had heard they keep misbehaving even after being fully disciplined - how odd. Day 2, Angelgotchi... Oh Angel, the easiest to care for. My only complaint - no warning for a praise. While you're super cute when you're making little good deed faces at the screen, unless I'm looking at you... it's gonna pass right by. Sigh. Oh, and its buttons are so slow to respond. I wonder if a battery change would make a difference, since I kinda didn't put new ones in when I took it out of the packet and... they've been in there since '97. Side note: I'm also running the Nano Baby I just got because I couldn't help myself. Oh the memories! I named him Tom. Moment of the day was when I smacked him silly to get rid of the attention icon... only to find out he just wanted a snack. Whelp, I am a great mum.
  5. May have just bought 2 P's - Melody Land & Dream Coffret sets >.>

    1. tamaphoenix


      Congratz! How wonderful!

  6. As of now: P's - Love & Melody and/or Melody Land, plus one more, haven't decided 4U+ (Peach or Light Purple) Another Familitchi if I see a price drop - I bid for a brand new one yesterday and snagged it at 20 USD Mothra
  7. I had a huge shipment this week so I'm currently running my P2, Umino, Mesutchi & Osutchi, and about to start up my Angelgotchi. All of these are brand new and first hatching. I'm not starting up my P1 til my P2 dies, since my P2 is needy enough at 15 and my Umino takes up a lot of my time. I'm not going to have time for all these by the weekend, so I'm hoping to at least see my Umino through to the adult stage. I heard angels were fairly easy to take care of, so I'm taking the risk of starting that one up now
  8. Day 1, Osutchi and Mesutchi... Oh boy, are these little critters a breath of fresh air! What an easy game! You can literally guarantee 5 vs 0 every single time without a problem. My two Kuritchi were just like the normal P1/P2 babies, needy and grown within the hour. The babies' poops were just adorable, and I probably got a little more kick out of seeing virtual faeces than I should have (wow, so tiny!). After a pleasant start to the lifecycle, they settled into their adorable little mohawk-like forms; the mohitamatchi. Which reminds me, I need to give my other half a hair cut again... Once in the child/toddler stage, as with the P1/P2's, my mohitamatchi slowed down and took it easy. Bless them. Impressions... Am I in love with these tamagotchi or what! The screens are bigger (assuming for the offspring), the casing and colours are nice (though very cliche; I bought the cheapest new ones I could find but I probably would have preferred less "gender-associated" colouring), the buttons are very responsive and it's just like the P1/P2's but with the health meter at the start (yay!). And as I said above, I really enjoy the "easy difficulty" of the game. If I had to pick a "con" factor, it'd probably be the slightly over-excited music for the gameplay - there's just a little too much beeping going on. So far these tamagotchi are quite enjoyable and I'm looking forward to seeing many of the characters and playing with the mating function. Day 1, Angelgotchi... Look at this cutie - just look at her flappy little wings. I had a blonde moment went I opened up my angelgotchi today and saw the ghost by the grave (Japanese version), because I was wondering how it could be already dead after I'd pulled out the tab fresh. Then I remembered the angels are born from their previous life, and I reminded myself that sometimes, I am a real nobhead. My angel began its afterlife as Obaketchi; a wiggly little ghost with an adorable smile. I proceeded to feed it and play with it. I do have the english instructions at my disposal, but I like to just leeroy right in there, so I just pressed the button and went for it. Now... why on earth is she getting mowed off the screen by what appears to be a rocket? After a few button presses and lots of angry little faces, I realised that both buttons "A" and "B" do the same thing - make her jump to avoid the shooting star. You just have to time it right to get her to jump over it. I was quite satisfied once I figured this out, because it's not such a hard game after all. Obaketchi was fairly easily-pleased as a baby ghost, and not long after a little nap, she grew into Maruten. Maruten is just a blob with flappy wings and a halo - see above. So far, she's been low maintenance, and only misbehaved once. What a pleasant tama to have around. Impressions... The Angelgotchi is fairly similar in its interface and button-responsiveness to the P1/P2s, but once again it's one of those versions that were graced with the health status icon at the start. I really like the icons - very angelic/starry-themed (and the poop-clean function is a butt with wings! How cool!!). I've yet to figure out how the TP works and its benefits, but I'll suss that out soon. I also really like the sounds on the Angelgotchi, from the game play sounds to its call for attention. The little happy beeps when you win a game really top it off.
  9. Pay Day today.... wonder if I could order a P's to arrive before I go away next week... x.x

    1. milkgotchi


      The one I ordered took a month to come in. It was almost torture xP

    2. danigotchi


      Yeah... >_< I found one that will use EMS though, might do that

  10. Day 7, Morino... So, lo and behold, the coccoon stage does appear to need some sort of care overnight. I woke up to a steady beeping I hadn't heard before (again at 8am, on the dot) and there's my bug, floating around in ghost form on the screen. Hmm, poor little guy - why did Bandai program you this way? I had just been dreaming about ghosts too so I admit that was a tad creepy. Next time I run Morino, it's getting paused overnight! Day 2, Umino... Kuragetchi was a grumpy little butthead this morning. He did not want to cheer up. I'm almost certain he was hiding that treasure on purpose - and just to rub it in, TWO octosplooges just when I was getting close to filling up those hearts. What an effort >_< Luckily he started to even out, but his behaviour started to play up again late morning. First I was picking up a couple of parcels (from two different post offices, joy), and I missed a polar bear attack so he was sick when I finally looked at him. I fixed him up, filled him up and he immediately started beeping for more attention. Smack! Not too long later, he was down a couple of hearts and he called out for attention again. As if these little guys weren't needy enough without calling out for discipline regularly! However, I do remember reading that they get fully discplined fairly fast, and supposedly they don't keep asking for it once the bar is full like some others do (mesutchi/osutchi presumably). Day 15, P2... Still battling on. My Zukitchi's neediness is now paling in comparison to the Ocean, so he seems reasonably manageable. I'm admittedly still a bit miffed about my Morino. I kinda miss him.
  11. Day 14, P2... Zukitchi is getting on in age now, and he's dropping hearts like there's no tomorrow. I acquired him through lack of (or zero) pausing and work deciding they wanted me in 5 days in a row last week plus classes at uni, so Zukitchi ended up with very inconsistent parental attachment. I couldn't even manage to try for the secret character because of my sudden unexpected schedule. He's had a good run though, and I'm trying to keep him going as long as I can. If there's one thing that did work for me with Zukitchi, it was his sleep schedule. Hello late starter and late sleeper, that's me to a T! Having my Morino wake me up at 8 am has been rather... interesting. Luckily my fiance is up at that time most days, and he's incredibly patient. I'm rather lucky, actually... Impressions... I had a P2 when I was 11 or 12, and it was borrowed from a friend. I think I eventually gave it back to her. I'm enjoying having one of my own, because I can finally try for different characters. I always wanted a Pochichi or a Mimitchi!
  12. Day 1, Umino... Talk about a needy little critter. I'd been warned, but I still wasn't entirely sure what to expect. It's not even the fact that it drops a heart like it's going out of fashion - it's more the game and the octopus. Oh boy, did I get a shock when that sneaky sod not only splooged all over my screen and made me clean up 4 times, but it also cleared out my planktontchi's happy meter! This sure seemed like it was going to be an effort. After a little trial and error, I discovered it was not very wise to keep playing when you're on a losing streak. In fact, I started getting into the habit of quitting the game if it looks like I'm going to lose. Additionally, planktontchi's happiness in general was rather erratic - did I get a happy heart from one game, or two? Did it drop a heart in the time I won those 3 -4 games? The latter is probably most likely, but when you're filling up the meter again after an octo-splooge, it sure seems like he just doesn't want to cheer up. Planktontchi changed into Kuragetchi - an adorable little floaty jellyfish - after an hour or so of highly intensive care. Even now as a child, he's behaving like my 14 yr old Zukitchi on my P2. Impressions... The Umino seems to be faster at responding to button presses, which is a nice change. The immediate clock screen rather than a scroll is also a nice improvement, and as with the Morino, I'm a fan of the health check icon at the start. The sound is softer, which at first seemed like a problem, but I later decided I liked the less aggressive volume and the lighter tones. Because the game has to be repeated so much and doesn't let you cancel easily, it's nice that it doesn't have intro music either. Umino is definitely a high commitment tamagotchi though, and I definitely wouldn't be running it if I didn't have a slow week this week. Going by other people's logs I expect a rather short lifespan too, so I'm hoping to at least reach the adult stage.
  13. Imotchi, Age 5 Day 6, Morino... I'm guessing 6, but I'm actually not so sure. The days are starting to blur together, so I'm not sure if it was yesterday that I saw my little imotchi at 5 yrs old or the day before. He's woken up today and put himself in a neat little coccoon now, so all I can see is a hot/cold meter. I was wondering how long it'd be til he changed. He likes to do things immediately when he wakes up (or be attacked immediately, what a nice way to start the day), so it was no surprise when he started a musical melody of transformation at 8:00 this morning. I peered at the hot/cold meter with sleepy eyes, trying to work out whether I was actually adjusting anything when I moved the arrow left or right and pressed "B". I finally figured all I had to do was point it in the desired direction, and it would eventually start cooking. Or cooling. The screen was definitely fogging up on this nice frosty Winter morning. So far I'm tentative about this whole temperature adjustment process. First I was trying to warm him up a bit, and nothing happened for ages... next minute he was about to roast! The drop and rise in temperature seems a little extreme. He's floating somewhere around the middle now, but I can't seem to work out just when I need to be looking at it for the slightest change, or how long he can sit there a little too hot or cold without it having significant effect on his future transformations. I guess we'll see. Impressions... I've actually really, really liked this version of Tamagotchi - so far. I like the sounds better than the P1 & P2's, the clock screen scrolls faster, and I prefer the health check icon at the start. The "screensaver" isn't bad, but I do prefer to just look at the little guy. The tapping feature to scare off predators is really cute too. My fiance has a laugh at me now and then when I do it. It reminds me of the days Dad used to walk past my bedroom while I was training my Nintendogs... "Sit! Roll Over!" he'd say. Hey, this whole virtual pet business is serious! The game is cute, but that last hat does not get a lot of love. I'm either too lazy to get to it, or if I do I'm in a hurry and I scroll right back to the start. But hey, it's still a quick and easy game.
  14. Contents Intro & Background Log 1, Morino Tamagotchi: First hatching, starting partway through its lifecycle (at approx. 5 yrs old). Log 1a: Second hatching, TBA. Log 2, Umino Tamagotchi: First hatching, starting fresh. Log 3, Tamagotchi Gen 2/P2: First hatching, starting in its late lifecycle. Log 4, Mesutchi & Osutchi: First hatching, starting fresh. Log 5, Angelgotchi: First hatching. Introduction Hello! Welcome to my tama logs. I thought I'd give this a shot because I need somewhere to vent my silly tamagotchi rantings, and post my thoughts on the differences/quirks/things I enjoy between my various tamagotchi. I'm going to consolidate these all into one thread and hopefully keep it organised. I will post "impressions" at the bottom of a first hatching from time to time. I won't do this for every hatching, just for my first experience of the tamagotchi itself. Background I haven't played with Tamagotchi for at least 15 years, and my childhood toys are long gone. I'm restarting with the ancestors I loved, as well as a few I missed and always wanted, and I'll be picking up a few newer versions too. Here you'll read through the perspective of an old tama lover re-experiencing some of the greatest moments of her childhood.
  15. Eeeee my Umino/Ocean arrived today. He's so cute (and neeeeedy >_