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  1. Mail misdelivered... where are you?

  2. Welcome!~ This is my TamaLog for my first run on the 4U. FAMILY TREE Gen 1, Female Ufufutchi Pannacotchi (>10 Happiness.) Lovelitchi (10+ Art Skill Points, 0-4 Miss Cares.) PochaLovelitchi (99+ grams.) married Mametchi Had an egg Toilet, Bathing/Brushing, Cleaning Up Fashion, Art Cookie 4 days old Gen 2, Male Yochitchi Pokapokatchi (<10 Happiness) Kuchipatchi (10+ Cooking Skill Points, 60+ grams.) JeanistKuchipa (>25 grams.) Toilet, Bathing/Brushing, Cleaning Up Sport No Name 3 days old
  3. Can't wait for my 4u+ to arrive!~

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    2. tama.go


      Went for the Peach Orange and Lemon Yellow! You?

    3. *Hayden*


      I went for Lime Green :D

    4. tama.go


      Awesome! c: The Lime Green is lovely, but they got bought up fast.