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  1. I bought myself a Mothra for Christmas <3 Right now, I have the batora grub teen and I was just wondering if anyone knew at what age do they go into their cocoon form or become an adult? My little guy is 10 years old (really I've been running him for like a week or so; I had to put him to sleep a few times while I went out) and I thought surely he would have evolved by now! Does anyone have any pointers? Thanks <3
  2. I follow both of you guys! My Instagram is lai_tama <3
  3. I think I'm going to get the Dream Town. Aren't they being sold at Hot Topic? That way it'll be easier for me to buy anyway and no waiting for international shipping <3 Hopefully someday I'll get another P's, though! Thanks you guys
  4. I haven't used a Tamagotchi in a while, and I decided to put batteries in my P's last week. I forgot how much I love it! It's my only color Tamagotchi and all of the features are so great. I really wanted to buy another P's to connect with mine until I saw the new TMGC Friends Dream Town.... I can't really afford to buy both right now, so I thought I'd post here since I know some of you own Dream Town and could tell me a little more about it. side note: I never bothered to buy the original Friends. I feel like the Dream Town would be more worth it than the original because of the new features and stuff. Thanks!