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  1. Yes, character design is on of the bigger problems for me right now, I will PM you about character design if you are willing? Also,I love that idea of including the angel and devil tamas, I will definitely consider doing something like that!
  2. Hey guys, this is my first post to this website so please be lenient on my usage. I came to say that I am starting to work on a Tamagotchi v5 game for iOS. Tamagotchi's were a really big part in my childhood and I would stress over them more than anyone could believe. I really liked the v5 personally because of the family type lifestyle and the wide range of characters.This app will not be available on the app store, but it will be open sourced on Github. All you need to do is download it, and upload it to your phone or play it using Xcode. I need feedback on what this app should be and if this is even an idea someone may like. Do not be stingy with ideas!!! Right now, I am currently making sprites (in color) and after I finish the important sprites, I will start the programming. Some ideas I had were: More characters + families New, more fun games More cheat codes Debugger options More interaction with Tamas (need specific ideas) Marry through bluetooth (similar to infared connection) Feel free to comment and I will add it to the list of ideas. Thanks! Best regards, Quawood