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  1. Yooo I´m back xD

    Just ordered a Tamagotchi ON. Missed this forum..:)


    1. spoonky5


      welcome back!!! Enjoy the Tamagotchi ON. I love that they finally came out with a colored english tama!

  2. Don´t forget do download the Crew for free if you have an uplay account :)

  3. I love my V3 and Mystic Messenger ☺

  4. OMG You know Ai yazawa :D?

    1. guruofguru64


      Why, yes. Yes I do! Big Nana fan.

  5. Welcome! I love your profile picture. Kuchipatchi is cute :)

    1. Sugarchan


      Thanks! He's my favorite tamagotchi c:

  6. I just watched an other movie in the weekend and it was horrible. How can someone made a movie like this and called it "perfect" like seriously The Movie was called "Emelie" from the Year 2015 I guess. I expected a horror movie, because the most reviews were saying " the best horror movie I watched" and something like that Never never never watch this movie. Watch the Trailer..then you don´t even need to watch the whole movie. The movie is so so bad, I can´t even tell how bad it is It´s a perverted weird movie.
  7. I did not like Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters also that much. Maybe it was this way, because your friend hyped it too much? I also could not even watch this movie until the end. It´s just so so so terrible and cheap made : Speak No Evil
  8. I´m running the V6 of my sister currently, it´s SO FUN. Musicstar is one of my fav Tamas. It´s like a Mix of all connections♥

    1. elephantlongtrunk


      I love the V6 too!

    2. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      There's so much to do and it's a fun challenge

    3. Tamacass


      Yeah, exactly! I'm on my second generation right now! :D

  9. I´m so in the mood for starting Connection Tamas again ♥

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    2. Tamacass


      You should do it! I'm running a V6 right now, but all of the Connection era is really fun! Well, besides the V1 (and kinda V2)

    3. tamapalace


      which version?!

    4. RubyLullaby


      Currently I´m running my V6 it´s so so fun! I think it´s one of my favourites :)

  10. Ahhhhh TAMATALK looks great, Happy Birthday Tamatalk ♥♥♥

  11. I could not preorder a Tamagotchi Mix, because I was worried I wouldn´t have the money for it :( I thought you have to pay immediately when you preorder :(

  12. Thanks for explaining I guess I got it xD It seems interesting
  13. So excited because of the new Tamagotchi M!X ♥ I want to order one soo much (I almost wrote expensive and not excited xDD) But sadly I don´t have the money currently I guess :(

    1. Soenattchi


      Why don't you put a preorder in with AmiAmi or HLJ? You can cancel them anytime if you don't manage to come up with the money needed by the end of July (you have almost two full months!) and in case you do you will have your Tama secured and ready to come home :) Just a thought.

  14. I wanted to post the news , I was SOOOOO EXCITED I always dreamed about this feature as a child, it´s so amazing to see that it is possible now There are currently not that expensive, I want to order one so bad, because I´m scared they will be brutally expensive after release And what do you guys mean with the icon bars? I´m a bit confused
  15. Found my IrDA USB :3

  16. Can´f find my irDa USB :( I was soooo excited for the new VDPs

  17. When they are adult, they don´t like to eat the food they used to ate as babies,kids and teens
  18. Dont say something like that noooooo :( (Don´t we have a Tama Emoji which is crying?)
  19. Hello, no problem I don´t have a Tamagotchi IDL but a Tamagotchi P´s The pets follow you wherever you go. An Adult can take a Pet home from the park if they have spoken 3 times. You can just have one pet in each generation and you can have a new one when you have a new adult

  21. Totally agree Having a real Tamagotchi device is never the same as having an App
  22. No problem Good luck and I wish you a lot of fun ^-^
  23. Yes, this is supposed to happen Whenever you got the puzzle pieces complete of a Tamagotchi P´s character you get a piece of Paper of the "construction manual" of the Tamagotchi rocket You can see the "construction manual" (I hope this is the right word) when you go to the 8th symbol (the book) and then to the first option
  24. Yeah, sometimes this happens Always check how "fresh" your batteries are. Sometimes the batteries in the package of the color Tamagotchi´s aren´t the best I also read that it may be possible that the NFC Connection might use a lot of energy