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  1. Alright, I finally got it in the mail. It works exactly like the first Gyaoppi pet, with the 3 weather options, and the 2 games (high or low card game, or guessing which way he will turn), except with a different character, and way better sound. The big big problem is: it can't be paused. What a shame, but I guess that's life.
  2. I say it's better not to take any chances, when there aren't any pics of them turned on. For me, even worse is when they have only some sort of stock photo of the item, even some ebay sellers with good reputation do that. Although sometimes they will send you some photos if you ask for them, it worked out for me once.
  3. Yeaaaah, it looks that way, pretty unfortunate. Well I decided to order the Goji Rapper anyway, seemed cuter than Dragotti. Can't wait for it, besides that one I'm waiting for a Dinkie Dino, a Tamagotchi P2, and the Mothra Tamagotchi
  4. Hello there! I was thinking of purchasing a new dino pet, but there's not that much info about both the Dragotti and Goji Rapper. Does anyone here have them, and how are they? Can they be paused?
  5. No, Hitorikkos are not Dinkie Dinos, they're basically Dinkie Dino knock-offs. I used to have the Hitorikko fish when I was a kid, and it wasn't nearly as fun as a Dinkie Dino. Characters were kind cute, I guess.
  6. Hello there! Well, it's true, sometimes those two can get expensive. But I've had good experiences with this seller: If you look at his items, he has a Raku Raku Dino Kun (aka Dinkie Dino) and Gyaoppi for sale for not so bad prices. He sells both versions of Gyaoppi, the first one and Gyaoppi 2, which are different. Both Dinkie Dino and both versions of Gyaoppi are worth it, in my opinion, with Dinkie Dino requiring more attention. Depending on your budget, maybe you could try to get an Osutchi/Mesutchi pair? Some sellers sell both for fair prices. Hope I helped
  7. Aaaand Gyaoppi 2 died... Gotta know how to turn off/on accelerated growth...

  8. Hello everyone, yes I need some help with Gyaoppi 2 again... While it was in my pocket, looks like my Gyaoppi 2 entered fast growth mode by accident (where minutes pass by like seconds) Does anyone know how to stop it? I was forced to stop the time or he would die, I couldnt keep up... I tried what it says on tamenagerie, but none of it works. If anyone has instructions for any similar Gyaoppis, to see if I can find info there, I would greatly appreciate it.
  9. You must be talking about Dinostalgia. It contains the normal dinkie dino, but if you pay for it, you can get the dinkie pet, the tak seijin (alien), and the pets from the 8 in 1. Pretty cool, I'm running it right now. It plays exacty like the handheld version, with the left and right buttons, and the 3 in the middle, except for the clock button, which is replaced by a configuration button, since it runs on the time settings from your phone. Of course, it's always more fun to hold a real one in your hand, but this is a nice way to play it too.
  10. Ah ok, never mind, I did a reset and now he gets hungry as normal!
  11. Throwing away/giving away all my tamas and tama cousins when I was a kid. Gonna rebuild my collection though!
  12. Hello Tamatalk, I'm new to this forum. As a kid, I used to really enjoy playing with all sort of oddpets, and one of my favourites was the Gyaoppi. So, as an adult, I felt like getting into it again, and ordered a Gyaoppi II from Ebay. It's every single bit as awesome as I remember, except for one little detail: apart from when it's born and needs to eat and play, its hunger and happiness meters NEVER GO DOWN. It has already pooped, weather has changed, already disciplined him once, but he never seems to need to eat or play. Is this a normal ocurrence with this type of gyaoppi pet? Can anyone help?