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  1. Blimey, I missed it. Oh well. I hatched one yesterday anyway, even if it's not part of it.
  2. My Righttchi, Egg, died in my Tamagotchi Friends quite a while ago. It glitched up and he disappeared, probably after I left it in the sun for too long and the batteries screwed up. I become inactive on this site after he died, but here I am again, to say a final farewell to my old friend. I'll need to accept that he died and move forward, perhaps with an Egg II.
  3. 17. Doggie Biscuit I had insomnia that night, thinking about Egg. Instead of grieving and writing an epitome, I was bent on getting him back. He was in Limbo right now, neither alive or dead. I was gonna bust him outta there.
  4. Egg is finally up and runnin' again. Sure, it was hard, but I haxxed the device... now stop before you call PETT, the only ill effect that this had on Egg was that... he was younger. I meant to rewind the device back to the last save point, like the last time I downloaded it, but it glitched and now Egg is a Cosmotchi again and at age zero. Weird. Digits crossed that he'll grow back into Righttchi again!
  5. 15. Doggie Biscuit This morning, I woke up to find Egg in a terrible state. His beeping was irregular and his face was contorted into a strange expression. Egg had never been sick before, and I didn't know what to do. There was a suitcase besides him, and inside was all the precious memorabilia he had during his short life. The buttons on the device wouldn't work. There was only one option left. I severed the power from the device. 16. Egg Bibibip bibibip... beep... bibup... Bi...
  6. My female owner unpaused Egg last night, and I was unaware of it. This morning, I woke to irregular beeping and saw Egg in a really bad state. His face was contorted and he had this suitcase beside him. When I pressed the buttons they beeped but all connections was lost. I took the batteries out just in case, what should I do? He shows no sign of imminent death, but in that condition he can't possibly survive for long.
  7. Oh gosh, I'm so excited~I hope this is in Canada too. I really hope that it'll be in English.
  8. I don't even have a Tamagotchi that's compatible with Tamatown (my Tamagotchi Friends has Dream Town), but I signed it anyways to be nice.
  9. My Righttchi, Egg, also wakes up at 7 am. If you do sneak it into school, make sure you don't let it interfere with your studies, or teachers will notice and ban it. Just hide it in your pocket and take it out at recess, lunch, when you use the washroom, group work time, or something like Drama.
  10. I'm assuming you've got a Kuragetchi? It's supposed to evolve into a teen at the age of three... that's odd. Maybe it's a glitch. I'd be glad that it would live longer, but if you want to see it grow up maybe you'll have to reset it.
  11. Even if I only get one level 2 Rattata, I am satisfied.