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  1. C Gen 3: Mametchi So next up I ended up with a boy and got Mametchi. Not much to say here because I already had Mametchi a few times actually! He's easy for me to care for since I already know he liked chicken pie. I quickly married him off to get another tama and he ended up giving me a girl. C Gen 4: Furifuritchi When I had another girl I referred to the mini poster that came with the game to see what I may be missing. Yes I still have it, it's a bookmark in one of my cook books haha! It looked like I never had a performer girl so I trained my little performer and ended up getting Furifuritchi. Ahh a new tama! I keep getting the same ones so it was nice to see a fresh face! She reminds me of a flapper girl so I had a hunch she may like an american type of snack. Funny enough I was dead on and she liked apple pie the most!
  2. Charlie Gen 2: Butterflytchi So I ended up with a Butterflytchi. I have had her before but I never figured out her favorite food. This time I stuffed her full of a few snacks and eventually discovered she likes pancakes! Pancakes are the trend right now in Japan. Last time I went they were on every menu you and for any meal. Funny enough when I did finally order some they kinda just tasted like...frozen pancakes>.> But they sure were supper cute! It was at a limited Love Live cafe. I'm love Live crazy and I was naming my tamas after them haha!
  3. Bravo Gen 6: Flame the Acchitchi Favorite food is fried chicken. Hello after a break! I started up my dream town again so I will be continuing this log~ Even after my break it is still the same file! Still have all my money and memory sweet! I took a small break after my group log, I think I was able to keep mine the longest woo! However I quickly died after I was the last one left haha. Continuing with my Phonetic Alphabet names the next gen would be Charlie Gen! Charlie Gen 1: Tubbs the Kuchipatchi Diving right back into my tamagotchi I immediately got one of my favs, Kuchipatchi. This little fatty ended up being called "Tubbs" after the Neko Atsume cat. I had already found his favorite food earlier (hamburger) so he was very easy to care for. I usually let my Kutchipatchi get really fat too so I just load him up with snacks to make him happy haha. Surprisingly he has never gotten sick from it before.
  4. I started up my dream town again so I am back after a long break! Hi Tamatalk^.^

  5. Himespetchi left behind a little boy for me to take care of. He has already grown up into an Acchitchi. Acchitchi is a hairstylist, must be from his fabulous flaming hair. I shall name him Flame! I have found that his favorite food is fried chicken. As a fellow fried chicken lover we get along quite well. I'll be marring him off tonight! Flame the Acchitchi 6 years 38 lbs 6th Gen Hairstylist
  6. Just a reminder that 'm participating in the New Years Hatch. So my details can be found there! http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/192786-2016-new-years-hatch/ But here's a small rundown. Bravo Gen 2: Maki the Hanafuwatchi Bravo Gen 3: Honoka the Coffretchi Bravo Gen 4: STEVE the Righttchi Favorite Food Meatballs Bravo Gen 5: Himespetchi Fav food Chocolate
  7. So Steve got married and had a little girl. I'm getting a lot of girls this generation. (hehe Girls Generation ~Punny~) She has already grown up into Himespetchi.I was a little confused by getting her because I was taking cooking classes, but thats ok I needed her anyway in my memory! I have already discovered that have favorite food is chocolate. She has probably my favorite "close up" animation with her eyes turning into giant hearts. Also...I forgot to name her>.> Himespetchi 5 years 33lbs 5gen Astronaut!
  8. Today I discovered that Righttchi's favorite food is Meatballs! Maybe they are Swedish meatballs since he eat's them by them self? Mmm now I want Swedish meatballs... Righttchi is now old enough to marry so I will Likely find him a gal either tonight or tomorrow night. I usually marry them off at night because I don't like caring for the babies haha. Shhh Just go to sleep...This is why I don't have kidsXD Steve The Righttchi 6 years 22 lbs 4th gen Robotics Prof!
  9. Steve is doing pretty good! He turned into Righttchi. Yesterday I forgot to take care of him for almost the whole day but funny enough the game got paused in my bag haha. Righttchi is always doing the right thing mehehehe. STEVE the Righttchi 5 years 23 lbs 4th gen Robotics Professor
  10. Honoka had a pretty good time with me! I started school again so I'm back onto a normal schedule. When I have work I have a few mini breaks so it's perfect for caring for my tamas. Honoka got married to a kuchipatchi and had a baby boy. I named him Steve. Steve is currently taking robot classes.
  11. Don't worry retro I love when ppl go off on tangents about tamas. I feel like that's what this site if for, to get excited and gush over them! Honaka has turned into coffretchi! I love Coffretchi but she was the only female beautician that I already had. I'm trying to fill out the whole memory log. Honoka the Coffretchi 3 year 23lbs 3gen Beautician
  12. Tamaninja I'm not the host but I'm fine with you not posting mych. I also always fall behind haha. So Maki ran off with a man and left me with a baby girl. She us currently a terupotchi still so I'll update when she evolves. I have named her Honoka. More love live woot! Honoka the terupotchi 1 year 15lbs 3gen
  13. Bravo Gen 1: Umi the Hoshigirltchi So off to a fresh new gen for the new year’s hatch! This ones is starting off with a girl. I names her Umi because I’m going to names the next few girls I get after Love Live girls. I’ll have to think of something similar for the boys. Umi ended up being a Hoshigirltchi. Ahh Bandai… you’re so creative with these names….Umi really loves Candy! I’ve been finding quite a few, I’ll have to put the list of what I have together soon *.*
  14. *Rolls Maki in* Ho boy I let Maki get really fat today! I was busy sewing away on a project I'm working on I didnt have time to play any games with her. I just kept feeding her snacks to keep her happy meter up. She's quite a chub chub. I'll also be sending her off to the date place soon so hopefully there's a guy there who likes some love handles! (I'm also a chub chub and I found love, I believe in you Maki, you can do it!) Maki the Hanafuwatchi Seamstress 7 years 52lbs 2G
  15. Maki is doing quite well. She ended up turning into Hanafuwatchi. I find it funny that she has flowers in her hair even though her hair is a flower. I guess it similar to humans wearing hair extentions... Maki the Hanafuwatchi 32 lbs 5 years old Gen 2