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  1. WOW! I agree with you so much, the female characters are way too hyper-feminized, which turns me off from the iDL a little bit quite honestly, but I've heard it's really fun so I kind of want to get it?
  2. I'm trying to decide between color+ and iDL... I can't though, can someone help?
  3. Melonitchi, I actually found a link to tamatown somewhere on the internet! It's pretty easy to look up!
  4. I really like V4 from what I can remember! Oh right! Yeah, I'll put all of those on there too.. I didn't think they were as important? What's the tamagotchi color+ have different from the other color tamagotchis?
  5. I'm sure this has been done before but I'm very curious to see which generations tend to be favorites! Please comment why you picked what you did as well! I tried including everything but comment if I'm missing anything! Thank you
  6. I personally think it's kind of dumb that the female tamagotchis nowadays are all very hyper-feminine. They all seem overly complicated to me with bows and sparkles and big eyelashes. I think more vintage tamagotchis are better looking because of how simplistic and memorable they are, they don't all look like the same tamagotchi like they do in the newer versions. I personally think that the male tamagotchis are actually more creative and diverse, they look more like little aliens that you need to take care of instead of fashionable and dressed up girls. It's sort of funny looking at the growth chart in newer versions because Memetchi is always there and she stands out really badly.. On a side note my personal favorites are Sebiretchi, Togetchi, Kuromametchi, Shimashimatchi, ichigotchi, Hanatchi, Kikitchi, and Sunopatchi! Phew that's a lot..
  7. Wanting a new tama...

    1. NATUUURE :D


      WAAAAH ME TOOO!!!!!