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  1. I like tamagotchi's so much because of a disorder which is rather common nowadays. Anxiety. My anxiety is bad, especially my social anxiety. I finally know why my social anxiety is so bad, and thats cause when I was younger and used to cry in public, my parents or guardians used to say "Stop it, everyones looking at you" and they used to say it until I stopped. I highly assume thats where I got it from, and why I feel like people say things about me or look at me in public. Anyways, tamagotchi's really help with my anxiety - the little noises don't annoy me at all, in fact they actually relax and soothe me. I don't think tamagotchi's are annoying even if you have to take care of a little pet for days until its old enough and low maintenance to use. If your anxiety is bad, I recommend it. Oh and if you have any questions about anxiety, feel free to ask me!
  2. It was my birthday a few days ago and I had over £300. So, With that I really want to buy a Tamagotchi P's, idl english version, or a 4U. if I can't buy any of them, I may just buy a V2, V3, V4/V4.5. Or I can buy a pink angelgotchi from Ebay for £51.75. The most likely is the P's, idl En, 4U or V2, V3, V4, V4.5. I can't see my mum letting me spend £51.75 on a tamagotchi. ill update as soon as I get one. I will do a diary too!
  3. this is the worst one i've had out of hundreds...: I live in the UK & it was in year 4 around December .... I was trying to fit in with the populars on the school yard at break, my tamagotchi 4.5 was in my coat pocket not silenced or paused (I only silence at night and I never ever pause) all of a sudden my tamagotchi fell out of my pocket onto the concrete, the back came flying off and fell into a drain, I stared down at my now destroyed tama in horror as my eyes started to fill with tears, the group of populars sniggered and burst out laughing. Shocked at their response with my eyes now fully crying I looked up at them and one of them said "Oh MY GOD. I cannot believe that you even have one of those things! You're such a nerd!" they were all agreeing as another said "just when we thought you could be one of us" I was so upset. My eyes flickered around on everyones faces in the group, I didn't take any notice about half of the children on the yard had their eyes fixated on me giggling (the group were laughing, and shouting loud) it made me more upset and my face was red and puffy. There was one girl in the popular group who looked extremely sorry for me, and she shoved her hand in her coat pocket and pulled out a V4 and shouted at the rest of the group "STOP MAKING FUN OF HER! IF YOU MAKE FUN OF HER YOU MAKE FUN OF ME! SHUT UP!" Now I was shocked and so was everyone else. She got down on her knees and picked up the remains of the scratched up tamagotchi on the floor and she gave me her V4 and said "You can take it, I have another one" and she walked me to the toilets to let my puffy face cool down. I found out later that day that the group text all of their friends, I got bullied for it until year 6. That girl was my BEST friend although not anymore cause you loose friends in the comprehensive but its okay we still talk sometimes. THATS THE STORY. Yep its rather embarrassing. aw well. The moral is: don't try to fit in, Just be yourself & put your tama in a safer place! Ty guys!