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    Being a fiance and a stay at home mommy to a 1 and a 2 year old, Crafting, wire, polymer clay and resin jewelry making, polymer clay miniatures, virtual pets, and my cats!

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  1. I am wondering if there is any other way to make "tama money" on an IDL version, then just playing games. I thought one of the options under my items might had been to sell them, but it just dissappeared and I didn't get any points/money for it haha. TIA to any comments!!!
  2. Wooow your Etsy Shop looks kawaii~o(〃^▽^〃)o

  3. Don't know why no one has answered, but I'd search YouTube for an answer, I just recently got my 15th anniversary IDL and I have found out a lot about it through YouTube ^-^
  4. So I recently traded for a Tama IDL, 15th anniversary edition. And it isn't in the best cosmetic shape. It isn't incredibly horrible, no marks on the actual screen and the purple shell is not "sun burned" which I never even knew was possible until I aquired this Tama lol... but the "15" symbol is very scratched off, and the clear plastic surrounding the screen is very scratched. I am wondering if displex (which I know is for fixing scratches on screens) could work if I tried to use it to fix some of the scratches on the clear plastic around the screen? I do not want to attempt if it will make the plastic cloudy. So, anyone who has attempted this, or knows anything about displex at all (I've never used it) I appreciate any suggestions ^-^
  5. Um.... so... not sure what I'm supposed to post about but, I am here 💟💟 😸
  6. Sounds like a fun tama tradition to start! Lol, I would love to participate, with my connection ^-^
  7. My tama-P'so has 2 black lines (dead pixels??) On the screen, and I am curious if there is actually any way to fix this at all? I am assuming there isnt. Can you buy a new led screen piece?? I unscrewed/took apart my tama and realized the "scratch" or dead pixel lines are on the actual screen piece itself.... so nothing I can do Any comments (good or bad news) are greatly appreciated!!! Thanks for any help
  8. Hi, I have tried, taking the batteries out, resetting, and now even tried the "secret diagnostic test screen" it keeps saying there is a "ROM test error" which I'm assuming has to do with the dead pixels. I am too scared to take the whole thing apart, and break it any further. But I'm also worried this is going to spread across the whole entire rest of the screen so I don't really know what to do I took the battery's out and just am leaving it alone for now
  9. I just woke up this morning (my tamagotchi-P's sits on my night stand right next to my bed at night) and these black lines look like their creeping across my screen!!!! I haven't had any dead/broken pixels before, why is this happening?? I took a picture but I guess I cannot include pictures it is on the left side of the screen, just 2 straight black lines that go straight across my screen. Can this happen if there is damage to the screen, even if it does not show up right away? I just got my tama-P's last Monday... in a trade. Does anybody have any idea why this would happen over night??? Or is there any way to fix this?
  10. Omg.... if some one could make me a Gudetama faceplate.... for tama-P's.... I will cry 😢 that would be AMAZING!!!!! 💖💖💖
  11. So I have been attempting to remove my tama-P's faceplate, went and got a super thin/tiny screw driver and everything. But I watched a youtube video on it, the only one there was, and all I ended up doing was scratching up around my screen and almost crying. Hahaha. It sucks!!! So now that I totally ruined my tama, I just want to get this faceplate off!!! I am hoping that if I can put a new custom paper under the faceplate it will hide the scratches some. So I was wondering if someone could let me know how you removed yours?? Thanks so much for ANY and all tips/ideas or info!!!! -Nicole
  12. Lol @driftyalison0 thats the button that won't work on mine too I am scared to take it apart and break it lol.I probably will tho, hopefully I can fix it!!!
  13. @MarshyMellow, thank you so much for your reply I appreciate it I will definitely try that once I can find a screw driver small enough to get those screws outta the back! Haha ^-^
  14. Hi all my fellow tama-lovers! I am new here, and I was looking for some help, maybe just some experience on taking apart a tama, mine is one of the old versions, I believe the 2nd to come out, the screen works, only the button farthest to the left does not I have to use something to press it down very hard to get it to work. So I was considering (VERY carefully considering as I am terribly terrified of breaking it!) To unscrew it and see inside if for some reason the button was misplaced, not pressing against what it should be. So I just am wondering if anyone has had any experience with this. (No I am not looking to blame someone when I open up my Tamagotchi and break it don't worry!) Any and all comments/tips are appreciated TIA!!!!