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  1. hihi!! i've been inactive for a while

  2. it's my birthday ayeeeee

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    2. Retrotamagotchi
    3. Asher1232


      happy b-day bro i hope it is a good one!

    4. elephantlongtrunk


      HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

  3. i've been dead for like 10 years sorry

  4. i'm definitely getting it but i'm afraid there's going to be so manly mandatory DLCs that it'll be unplayable
  5. himespetchi would LOVE bubblegum pop! she would listen to a lot of aqua too (especially the songs about love and devotion) and maybe some dance dance revolution stuff too. this song also fits her lovelin would like j-pop groups like c-ute and kiraritchi + yumemitchi and memetchi would be more into k-pop (kara and girls generation) i can see kuromametchi listening to some korean rap and maybe trance and mametchi listening to stuff like chiptune and video game soundtracks while studying. he'd also be into piano and violin (melodytchi too haha) maybe i get the impression that both makiko and memetchi are super into artists like ariana grande and katy perry
  6. i got my himespetchi married on my dream town earlier!!

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    2. Yumecantchi000
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      My Himespetchi married Kuchipatchi ^w^She met him in the Park :3

    4. himespetchi


      mhm!! i have a cosmotchi in robot class right now so it'll def evolve into another mametchi

  7. i spent 12 hours marathoning ducktales what's up

    1. Retrotamagotchi


      Lol I used to really like that series.