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  1. UFOs with lightening bolts in King's bedroom?!

    1. Berryitchi


      How much experience do you have with the Spacey? I'm guessing the UFO's aren't meant to attack the king? :/ Can you fight off the UFO's or anything? Maybe it's some kinda game - I have no idea. I don't know much about the Spacey's, just trying to help. Good luck <3

    2. Tamawhaa?


      None, this is my first Spacey. There was nothing I could do so I don't think it was a game. Thank you!

    3. Jhud


      Pretty sure it's just an anniversary animation.

  2. King is 14 years old, while he was in the bedroom I hit the C button a few times when nothing was highlighted and he sang, sent a heart and flipped around a bit, then a UFO came in and struck him with a lightening bolt. He was lit up with flames then 5 UFOs came flying through the room! What is this about?
  3. Trying to find Poketchi after restarting my 4u creates the kind of panic parents must have when searching for the "good babysitter" in their contacts!

  4. With the chaos of Halloween came Ikemen Spacytchi. He's a cutie but I literally know nothing about him. I found a few favorite foods but we're battling over basic skills. He needs some serious one - on - one time. #parenthood

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    2. Rukitchi


      gosh the only tama I will ever have a crush on rather than Spacy in his regular form

    3. Retrotamagotchi


      I never knew there were more than one spacytchi. Anyway, the regular spacy dreams of taking over Tamagotchi Planet, and he has two brothers, who are quoted to be sworn followers of Spacytchi.

    4. Tamawhaa?


      Spacytchi can be shiny or king in his personality stage. Here is a link to the post adult growth chart...



  5. AGh, it's a crazy day at the office and for some reason the sitter disappeared. It's 11 a.m., I thought she was available from 8a -5p. #thestruggleisreal

  6. Thank you! I actually married him off yesterday and tried it with my toddler. My little hipster tama rides around on a bicycle wearing a top hat.
  7. My Jeanistkuchipa goes in to the closet and puts the crown I bought him on upside down and throws it around a bit. He isn't throwing a fit, it's more like he can't figure out what to do with it. Why can't he wear it? Is that the way it is with all the characters? Why would I fill the closet if nothing can be worn? Am I doing something wrong? I'm not sure what all the choices are once I've selected an item but the first one is typically accepting/choosing the item right?
  8. Maybe that is what he is telling me now. He's talking to me in Japanese rather than saying my name and the attention icon is lit up often even though he is full, healthy, happy and accomplished. So that's the only thing it can be right? Will he be at the restaurant eating with my generations to follow whether I marry him off or not?
  9. I got a 4u for my neice who is stuck in a cast for a while. I grabbed one for myself to help talk her through it and now I'm Tamaddicted, lol.

    1. Hydric


      Haha tamagotchi are a great gift for someone stuck at home!

    2. Tamawhaa?


      Now her brother wants one. I'm going to get the whole family in on it...whether they like it or not. ;)

  10. I'm new to this. It's just me and Jeanistkuchipa (sometimes the sitter Poketchi). We are 6 days in, he has all the badges and clover pieces so what do we do now? He's earning bank with the skills he picked up at school but it seems like he wants more. If he gets married I will happily raise his egg but I will miss him. If I don't marry him off to one of those 3 cuties what happens?