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  1. anyone here obsessed with Pakka pets too? i cant stop

    1. tamaninjacat


      I was for awhile but I haven't had the time for them lately... But I definitely plan to play it over the Thanksgiving week. :D

    2. SmallFriend


      ahh, i love it so much! glad to hear its not just me haha :D!

  2. got it, thanks everyone for your advice, it really helped! If anyone else scans this topic needing help on pausing the nano, i found if you just click the b button to get to the clock and then a and c together it will et you change the time, if you keep it on there like that it will effectively be paused. c:
  3. Just got a tiny blue nano in the mail today! version 3 :DD

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    2. RubyLullaby


      There isn´t much to do on the Tamgotchi Nano, is there? :o

    3. rainbowkiwibird


      Wow! Tell me how it's like! (Has limited tamagotchi experience, XD)

    4. SmallFriend


      The nano is very cute! there isnt a tonne to do on it, which actually works well if youre really busy because you can still have a little tama with you and atch it grow without having to worry abut paying it too much attention.

      Its very cute :D

  4. So ive just got my Taagotchi Nano series 3 and ive found that you can feed your tama, but i cant see any way to tell if the tama is hungry or not? Im not sure how many times/how much to feed it, does it have any impact on anything to feed it 'too much' or something..? and how much is 'too much'? :0 any help would really be appreciated, thanks!
  5. Oh! i had no idea! thanks a bunch Jirachi-potato, ive played the 4.5 for year now, and i never knew this
  6. Okay so i made a status about this, but i thought i'd make a post too so i could add the photo. So ive got a male UraMametchi on v4.5, and today the matchmaker visited and offered up a male Mametchi? (As far as i know Mametchi's can only be male?) So i agreed to him, and they both had a baby girl. But my Tama is male, and the other was a mametchi so im p/sure my tamagotchi is gay has this happened to any of you before? @_@ (Sorry for the quality of the photo, i was so surprised i just snatched my phone and took a FAST photo, i just messed with the contrast a little so you can see it better - also, sorry the image is huge)
  7. Is there a difference between the Tamagotchi Nano series 1-4, besides the series 4 having a different evolution chart? Theres also two more Tamagotchi nano variations that seem to be called 'depa's, rather than 'series 1/2/3/4', is there a difference between the 'depa' tama's and the nano series? And one last thing, which is better, the Nano, or the chibi? Reference for the tamagotchi nano variations:
  8. Okay so my v4.5 male UraMametchi jut got offered a Mametchi by the matchmaker and had a baby girl? To my knowledge all Mametchi's on v4.5 for definite are male..? Is my tama gay, ive never seen this before. (I have a photo but idk where to upload it so)

    1. Hapihapitchi


      This is most likely a glitch of some sort but I'm not sure tbh...

    2. SmallFriend


      Yeah, never seen or heard of this glitch before :0

    3. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      I've heard this glitch can sometimes happen if you've connected to a Mametchi on a V3 or something.

  9. I have a quetion about the tamagotchi Nano's, is there anywhere i can post a discussion about it to hear feedback..?

    1. tamaninjacat


      "Help for New Tamagotchi Owners" is probably the best place to ask. ;)

    2. TamaMum


      yep... Post the question and invite replies / discuss... that's what the forums are for! :P

    3. SmallFriend


      Sure, thanks, ill do that! :D

  10. Im thinking about getting a new tama, but im torn between the Akai and the music Star... :S

  11. Anyone heard of the Pakka Pets phone app..? its just like a tama :0

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    2. Tama_Fan_2002


      I have!! And yes it is on android

    3. SmallFriend


      its definitely worth a look, im in love with it rn :D


    4. TamaMum


      There's a topic about it on the TamaTalk forums:

      Looks fun

  12. I'm getting Animal Crossing New Leaf for my birthday on the 23rd, how many of you have this game and would swap friend codes? :0

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    2. Asher1232


      i can swap fcs if you want and watch my twitch stream i have a capture card just fyi i stream a lot of acnl and 3ds games

    3. Purimatchi!


      It's a really good game, had since the release I have four copies haha :3

    4. ForgottenUsernames


      Your birthday is a month away from mine, mine being December 23rd, obviously.

  13. Theres a cute pup on my profile, scroll down and click him please? (◕‿◕✿)

  14. I'm just curious, what tama's do you all have turned on right now? I have my V3 and 4U's on at the moment, both at a toddler stage c:

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    2. SmallFriend


      Ohh yes i'd really love a tamagotchi friends dream town, though i can't find anywhere to get one at the moment.. Though i do definitely hope to get one in the future :D

    3. Asher1232


      I got my tamagotchi friends dream town at a hot topic and they had 3 so I bought 2 I was so lucky.

    4. SmallFriend


      They don't seem to have any dream towns on there now, you must have been super lucky to get one, they seem pretty hard to track down :0 congratulations! haha :D

  15. Mine are probably.. - Arrogance, just in general - Nail chewing - come on now. really? if you're gonna chew your nails then allllrighty! But not NEXT to me! D: - Belly buttons, theyre not a pet peeve per se.. but theyre gross. so theyre on the list - Dont touch my feet. EVER. - The sound of someone grinding their teeth, im literally cringing rn just IMAGINING the sound