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  1. I'm quickly learning that not only is the low-maintenance Mini good for when I can't devote myself to a real Tama... they die quickly. Mirror just died this morning. RIP

    1. LaLaGotchi813


      I'm sorry to hear about that! RIP Mirror

  2. So uh, bad news all around. 1, my Mix, Aki, died due to an accidental reset when trying to remove his batteries. He was a 5 year old Mametchi ready to take on the world. His buddy, Comet, passed away in my hand just a minute ago. Rest in peace, you both. 3

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    2. Hood-P


      Aww :( I'm sorry for your losses

    3. tamafan60


      Im sorry for your losses, it sucks to lose a tama, especially if you have grown attached to... Im so sorry your tamas have died. </3 <3 :(

    4. AnniChu


      Aww poor little guys... I'm so sorry.

  3. Okay, so I got myself a Mix a few days ago for my birthday, and while I am having a blast with it so far, I'm... a bit confused on how the rainbow meter works. From what I've read it's some kind of happiness meter, and you can raise it up by doing various things (from what I've found, playing with toys and taking it to TamaTown raises it up, among other things I can't remember), but... there are times where I can't get it to go above a certain color, and I'm a bit concerned as to what that entails. For example, yesterday, it would stop going up at the cyan blue square about a third of the way across the meter, and today it's stopped on a greenish color. Neither of those, to me, are even halfway across the meter, and that concerns me. Should I be worried? What can I do? Am I worrying over nothing? Is this normal??
  4. DAY 13 - November 22nd, 2017 I finally started up my Mix! I'm having a lot of fun with it so far, though the beginning took a little bit of working out and I don't know how to fill up the Happiness meter past a certain point. I still love it nonetheless! It's super cute! This is my first picture of the little tyke, who I've decided to name Aki. This was taken yesterday, so baby hour was happening at this point. (This was when he was a Tamabotchi.) And here he is, playing with his rattle. (Gotta say, I love the sprites on this Tamagotchi. They're super cute.) Here's a picture I took of him with Comet, my Kuchipatchi on my Tamagotchi Mini, just to see them side by side. I also managed to snap a picture of him while he was taking his power nap. I like how you don't have to turn the lights off on this version, though I did turn down the brightness for grins and giggles. Now I forget when I checked on him next that day, but the next thing I saw... ...was a Puchitomatchi in front of me! (I am not going to lie to you here. The first thing I thought he was, was an orange. I thought it was an orange. But it appears to be a tomato instead. These things never fail to amaze me.) Sadly that's it for my pictures, but I will tell you that while I was at school today... ...he evolved into Haretchi! It was super funny; I had just been showing him to my friend at school, and when I went to show him to another friend, I turned on the screen and BAM, Haretchi out of nowhere. It was actually kind of funny. I've been having a blast playing games with him (I prefer the rainbow minigame to the UFO/star one), taking him to the park and to TamaTown, and just overall raising him as my own. I'm really glad I got this version. I really am. Comet's just been kind of living his life. It may seem boring but I like how low-maitenance the Mini actually is. It's good for when I'm focused on another fandom and can't devote myself entirely to Tamagotchis at the time. I quite like it myself. Now I do want to mention, regarding the Mix, I do have a very basic knowledge of Japanese. I have a basic knowledge on hiragana and do know some Japanese words, but I like how there's little pictures and icons (as well as the handy dandy guides you all have been making!) to make things a lot more simple. It's just nice, it really is. Anyways... With all that out of the way, onto the numbers! Tamagotchi Mini [2017] Iteration: 1 Name: Comet Gender: Male Species: Harutchi -> Kuchipatchi Age: 2 years Tamagotchi M!X (Melody) Generation: 1 Name: Aki Gender: Male Species: Tamabotchi -> Puchitomatchi -> Haretchi Age: Teen (1 year)
  5. Just started raising my Mix! Had to look up a guide to get through the username process but everything else was surprisingly straightforward! I'll be logging about this later.

    1. Hapihapitchi


      OMG WINGS GURL! I FORGOT TO SAY IM SO GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK ON TT! I missed your log so much and I just read it and I love it. :,) makes me want a mini. Can't wait for an update on the Mix! I wish Salad was here so we could all hang out again lol

    2. tamapalace
  6. DAY 12 - November 21st, 2017 Alright, alright, I need to get to the logging first. Comet's asleep right now--he wakes up at 9 AM and falls asleep pretty early in the night--but when I last saw him awake he had two poops in his house. I'm pretty nervous right now; I'm hoping he doesn't immediately keel over once he wakes up. I've liked raising him... He's cute and tiny... and... well, mini, I guess. That pun was terrible, I apologize. I don't have any pictures of him right now though, but I did update the last log with a picture of him if you want to take a look at that. I've also decided on a log color for the M!X... once I get around to it. I'm thinking it'll be this color. It seems like a nice counterpart to the others. On that note, a quick refresher for my log colors if anyone's interested: This is for the European Tamagotchi Friends. This is for the American Tamagotchi Friends. This is for the Tamagotchi Music Star. This is for the 2017 Tamagotchi Mini. And this is for the Tamagotchi M!X. On that little note, the numbers! Tamagotchi Mini [2017] Iteration: 1 Name: Comet Gender: Male Species: Harutchi -> Kuchipatchi Age: 2
  7. DAY 11 - November 20th, 2017 IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! And because of that, I opened presents last night after getting home from my dad's... and... I GOT THE M!X I'D BEEN HOPING FOR!!!! (This isn't my image; it's just a picture of what it looks like!) I don't have much time on my hands at the current moment, but later I'll be switching the batteries out of Apollo and putting them into this new Tama. I'm so happy I got this as part of my collection; this was the one I'd wanted the most! <33 While I'm at it, though, a brief update on Comet. He's a Kuchipatchi now! I honestly really like how the Mini sprites look. They're just too cute no matter what the Tama is! I'm super stoked to start logging my M!X! ...Here's hoping I don't kill it...! Tamagotchi Mini [2017] Name: Comet Gender: Male Species: Marutchi -> Kuchipatchi Iteration: 1
  8. Happy Birthday - hope it's great :)

  9. I GOT A M!X FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. THE INTERMISSION HAS ENDED! Please check my log for the newest update!

  11. DAY 10 - November 19th, 2017 I guess for now I'm logging again. I've been raising this little guy since last night and it's a lot simpler than the other Tamagotchis. Sometimes it gets irritating how simple it is, but otherwise I actually think it's quite nice. It's a welcome change from game playing, band practices and the other stuff that I do with Icarus and Apollo. I've decided to name him Comet. He's a cute little... er... Marutchi, if I'm right, and I'm having a blast with him!... Her... it... whatever it is. I quite like the Mini already. It's super cute. <3 And the limitations... well... open the opportunity for iterations. Tamagotchi Mini [2017] Name: Comet Gender: Male Species: Marutchi Iteration: 1
  12. INTERMISSION - November 18th, 2017 HOLY CRUD THIS IS A MID-INTERMISSION UPDATE BECAUSE HOLY CRUD. So my dad took me to the mall to celebrate my birthday early... We're in GameStop... I'm getting some stuff... We're at the checkout... I turn to look at something, and... 20th anniversary Minis. This is the one I have now. I took it out of the packaging but I haven't pulled the tab just yet. but I just-- tamagotchis? in my gamestop? its more likely than you think??????????? wh AT ... Okay, freaking out aside, real talk. As you might know already, I was logging two Tamas before this intermission, Icarus (Music Star) and Apollo (American Friends). Now, for my new Mini... if I ever start logging it... This will be its color. Just thought I should tell you guys about the new addition!!

  14. Super sorry for the lack of updates to my log; I've been really demotivated since I got the same teens on BOTH my Friends and Music Star and my focus has shifted over to Pokemon. If I get a new Tamagotchi for my birthday I'll update the log.

    1. Hood-P


      Ooo I hope you get a new tama so we can see progression on your log~ also, happy early birthday :D

  15. INTERMISSION - November 8th, 2017 I'm taking an intermission until the 20th, which is my birthday. I'm not sure if I'm going to get a new Tamagotchi or not on my birthday but I have high hopes that will be the case. And if that IS the case... then, well... ...We'll have a new member to this log. I've kept Icarus and Apollo paused since I was probably going to get the same things anyway (Mametchi + a random perfect care adult).