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    Cant wait to make new friends, and talk about tamagotchis. I will be posting so check em out! :3

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  1. 1. yes bandi's goal with this tamagotchi is to have people bump, you can buy a cheep tamagotchi friends on amazon' the ones you can find on there are in great condition and are more less money than the ones you can find at the store. 2. yes I know trying to unlock the 5th is hard, but i was able to unlock it with bumping 3. yes I believe that once you bump, more jewels will open up for you to buy. If you have anymore questions ask me :3
  2. Tamagotchi Friends What is the Tamagotchi friends? Well it is a black and white tamagotchi. It is very easy to take care of, it has many fun games, and has cool new features. I have personally loved the tamagotchi friends, this tamagotchi well be a good toy to 6-9 year old kids. In this tamgotchi you can have so many characters. If you want to know more ask me questions in the comments.
  3. I really want the tamagotchi 4u + does any one have any info about it :3

  4. Hello guys I love tamagotchi's! I have two the Tamagotchi Friends, and the Tamagotchi 4U. Im also looking forward to making new friends, and to learn more about Tamagotchis! :3