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  1. liquid snake did nothing wrong

  2. Dio Brando

    Assbread's Art Requests

    yes... hellooo.. could you draw my boy reinhardt ... you can simplify his outfit but my main request is... he must have cat ears i love you thank u for doing this <3
  3. So I got bored and started looking at stocks, and what Tamagotchi's were released in said years. I'm lazy so lol I'll just copy paste what i said in a discord server "v3 and uratama were 2006, v4 and 5 were 2007. the plus color was at 2008, which may have been that little spike? idk. id released around 2009 and id l v6 and tama go were 2010 (yikes) . the p's released in 2012 and 4u released 2014 and m!x released in 2016. so perhaps the reason they're milking the m!x is because, well, they're profitable. the last tamas didnt really help the overall company, besides creating small spikes. the m!x is in the midst of a rather decent time for bandai. however, it seems to be decreasing so shrug rip" discuss. Bandai may not make just Tamagotchi's, but it is quite interesting to see how the Tamagotchi's and their value line up.
  4. Dio Brando

    Last Post Wins 2: electric boogaloo

    lucisev is canon, i am irl severa and my gf is lucina
  5. my mom (who is very abusive and i don't live with anymore, thank god) had this fuuuuuuun habit of throwing stuff i liked away as punishment. she threw my p's, 15th anni id l, princess spacey, v4.5 and love melo pierce away. (my entire collection at the time!)
  6. Dio Brando

    Do Gingers Have Souls?

    Do you have a soul?
  7. Dio Brando

    Last Post Wins 2: electric boogaloo

    my gf concerns me
  8. I imagine you to be pale, almost ghost white. You can slip through crowds without being noticed, which is actually a pretty good skill to have. You have relatively long black hair, but no bangs. You enjoy wearing all black.
  9. Dio Brando

    Pokemon Shuffle

    I play mostly mobile too! And I am stuck on Mewtwo Y too. I used a spare jewel from a competitions and bought a Disruption Delay and a Mega Start... still lost and Mewtwo had a pretty sizable amount of HP left... ;___;
  10. Dio Brando


    mame mame
  11. Dio Brando

    Coca Cola VS Pepsi War

  12. Dio Brando

    Last Post Wins

    tfw when the online test knows you and ur sins
  13. Dio Brando

    What made you happy today?

    In art I made and played Dio Monopoly