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  1. I ended up with Oyajitchi again this morning. I married him off and got... ANOTHER BOY! That's four in a row. For this one I will not be using any Sma Card items or items Mametchi liked. I hope I don't get Mametchi again.
  2. Wow! That is a lot of likes. It also means I missed some things with Oyajitchi as I thought he only had four likes for food, snacks, and accessories. The Twitter user I had linked to in my previous post, has posted a new tweet stating they believe growth is based on which items are used/fed to a Tama plus which part-time jobs they go to.
  3. Adding on to the above, a Twitter user posted this growth chart they're working on. It's possible to get Mametchi from both Achiatchi and Gunchitchi??? Now I'm more confused as to what factors into a Tama's growth.
  4. I now have a Mametchi, which is very surprising. I thought I was on my way to another Oyajitchi as they both took the same path: Mofuwatchi > Achiatchi > Oyajitchi Mofuwatchi > Achiatchi > Mametchi I ignored Achiatchi today and even made him sad as I left him to stay at home past 6:00 pm. I did use the Sma card items but maybe around 12 times? Level of happiness Achiatchi was at before turning into Mametchi is pictured below. Achiatchi was at full happiness when I got Oyajitchi. So maybe happiness isn't as important? Sorry for lack of Mametchi photos. I can only attach one due to size limit.
  5. Thank you so much! Only the food icon will be fine. I have purchased the Sukerukun clay and a dental tool kit. I hope I can do this Yasashii justice and have it looking a little better.
  6. Thank you so much for helping me! I greatly appreciate all of your help. I didn't even think to use air-dry resin clay to shape the buttons. That is a much better option than trying to completely replace the buttons; I'll definitely be looking into this. I would love a copy of the original to use as a guide if that's ok.
  7. I'm a little confident in my skills, but I have never fixed a Tama before. The lights do work, but my main concern is the circuit board being exposed due to the damage of the top left button. It's easy for dust and cat hair to get in, so ideally I want to find a way to cover this button. I can't remove the buttons without disassembling it.
  8. Good morning to you too (I believe it may be morning where you are)! Oyajitchi Update: I found out he likes Oden as well. Also realized today that since the Diamond Ring is a souvenir, I shouldn't count it as something he likes. No fondness icon today. Maybe tomorrow.
  9. Hello! I bought a Yasashii recently that had an unfortunate accident at some point in its life. Due to size limitations, I have linked the pictures below. Yasashii - it works! Yasashii in its packaging. I have no idea how that kind of damage can even happen. I have purchased these buttons from AliExpress (it'll be a while before they get here) but if anyone knows of a better option, I would love to know! My plan is to make decals for the two damaged buttons. Other than to put batteries in it to see if it works, I have not opened it up further.
  10. Oyajitchi beeped at me at 7:00 am. I then woke him up with head pats.
  11. I was really surprised when he had more than two favourites. I hope it's only four because once I find out his last two favourite food items, and get his fondness icon, I'm marrying him off. He would look amazing in the cowboy hat and guitar at the same time!
  12. He goes to bed at 9:30 pm. I've been sleeping in this weekend and he's been up before me. 😅 I'll know tomorrow morning when he wakes up, but I think it may be 8:00 am. Favourite Toys: Diamond ring Beanbag chair Karaoke machine Hoola hoop Favourite snacks: Mame Daifuku Kaki no tane Taiyaki Matcha Parfait Accessories: Cowboy Hat Straw Hat Uchiwa Fan Guitar Food: Mori Soba Futomaki Oden Nikujaga I haven't figured the other two out yet. I'm surprised he hasn't gotten sick from all of the snacks I have fed him today...
  13. Oyajitchi also loves all of the items from the TamaSma Card. Today I discovered he also has non-Sma Card favourites - he loves the cowboy hat. He also received a souvenir this morning and he absolutely hates it! So far the things he likes are: Cowboy Hat Taiyaki Diamond Ring and Beanbag Chair
  14. My first adult on the Tamagotchi Smart is Oyajitchi! The bow is one of his favourite accessories.
  15. Mine are: White Devilgotchi Silver and Black English P2 Yellow Tamagotchi Plus Colour Milk Tea Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus Seventeen Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus Black 10th Anniv Ura Jinsei Enjoi to complete the set.