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  1. Hello everyone ! Since one year I wait fora mutsu comes on ebay or amazon etc... I search for a mutsu water looper, do you have some astuces/tricks to find one ? Thank you <3
  2. This new tamagotchi friends is TOO MUCH BETTER than the first one, first it's beuatiful whereas tamagotchi friends has undefined design. A lot of games, of place, the school has games (whereas for exemple P's have not, nothing passionant happens in school even if animations are really cute !)... and the screen is GREAT whereas in the first one it's really BAD. I received it today and i'm so happy to play with. No hesitation to buy it, it's not expansive, I even bought it less expansive than "older" tamgaotchi friends....
  3. So I have the p's and a computer. I succeed to install the driver for usb, but I have a problem to connect. After one night to try, passed a lot of etaps, now I can get I think the right timing to connect my p's by irda. When I doubleclick to "send", I see the window showing that the manipulation is good, the "sending" window. But another window appears telling me that there is a problem that made fail the transfer. I close it and see another window that reads that there is a problem, there is no place to get the file. But I have nothing in my tamagotchi :/ edit: I DID IT !
  4. it works! thank you very much this is kiraritchi
  5. yes I am using a usb. When I do what you tell, by bressingB + C at the clock, it just drives me to the principal screen