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  1. I'm going to try to get one because I think supporting tamas in different languages and regions is a good thing for the hobby!
  2. My all-time favorite is Sound Block from the Music Star, but I also really like the Amida Catch game from the P's quite a bit.
  3. I love the shell designs, but I am going to wait and see what people have to say about any glitches before committing. *crosses fingers*
  4. Mine arrived surprisingly quickly! Though I'm waiting on a little crochet pouch I ordered to come in before I start running it because I want to keep the shell condition as nice as possible.
  5. As Jhud mentioned, I see a lot of tamagotchis for sale in Europe in the Facebook group called Tamagotchi Traders. I've traded on there myself several times and had good experiences.
  6. My preorder from Sunyshore Pokemart has shipped! This will be my first Nano, so I'm quite excited! I hope that there are plans for an international release because Eevee is incredibly popular, and even the preorders of these have apparently been hard to get ahold of. I don't impulse purchase or preorder very often, but I'm glad I did this time around.
  7. The new tamatalk layout looks great! 😍

  8. As far as I am aware, care mistakes do not carry over. What is defined as a care mistake is the following process: let either the hunger or happy meter completely empty (both being at 0% at the same time is risky, so if you want a high care miss character, make sure at least one of them has at least a slight amount filled in). Next, your tama will make a noise if the sound is on and say your name in a speech bubble; the bottom right icon, "attention," will be lit up. In order to get a care miss, you will want to ignore the tama for 15 minutes until the attention light goes away, then you can care for it and refill the bars either partially or completely, depending on whether you need to get another care miss for the desired character. edit for better accuracy: I am doing care misses on my P's today; it takes 15 mins from the time the alarm sounds before the attention icon goes away.
  9. I wanna change my avatar to a tamagotchi character... But who? Hmm...

    1. toxic_Makiko


      How about Sebiretchi or Kuromametchi?

    2. Vexia


      I will try Sebiretchi for now. :P

  10. I finally got a P's (again)! I'm so happy I could cry. (´∀`)

  11. I am now waiting on a P's and a Music Star, and I'm very excited for both!
  12. Sadly, I think that certain sellers on ebay might also be manipulating the price of the P's since, yes, they are selling very quickly for the above mentioned reasons, but they also still seem to be abundantly available (e.g. the supply is still meeting the demand; there are many listings). Sometimes online sellers will raise the price of an item when they notice that other sellers' or their own listings have sold above a certain number of units. The P's will probably remain so highly priced until another tama comes along that can match it in terms of user created content.
  13. I do think up to a certain price point they would have trouble selling in western markets, especially if they were just marketed to children. However, the Japanese retail price of color screen tamas is currently pretty reasonable, and there are a ton of dedicated adult collectors with more disposable income as well. If an English version couldn't strictly be made available in other countries' stores, they could at least create one with an official English patch and some means to make it easily obtainable. Then the tama could still be imported from Japan to anywhere in the world. Shipping, customs fees, etc would still be an issue, but it does solve the language problem. I would also say that most toy collecting hobbies probably have similar trends in general, but tama's uniqueness is that the more complicated the features are, the more language becomes a barrier. The only analogous thing I can currently think of is stuff like model assembly instructions.
  14. This app looks intensely cute, but I'm withholding my judgment until it becomes available worldwide, and I can try it myself. Some other app-related things I would be interested to see are: 1) another game in the Tamagotchi Corner Shop series, and 2) a western color-screen Tamagotchi with a companion app somewhat like the 4U.
  15. I think one of the few things Bandai America (and other western divisions, by extension) has done well lately with regards to Tamagotchi is selling the nostalgia factor. As far as I'm aware, the Tamagotchi Classic app has been doing fairly well, and the Tamagotchi Mini is currently quite successful. However, they should really do something to take the next step and help get these people who are returning/newly into the hobby more invested. While the P1/P2 experience is great, Tamagotchi has so much more to offer. Bandai seems afraid to invest in the western markets with the perception that people here don't want to pay that much for a toy, but the aftermarket of people paying hundreds of dollars or more for an English patched P's shows that there's global interest. I bet if more of the people who are buying minis or using the app knew about the Japanese versions, they would want that product to be available in their region and language, even if they had to order it online.