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  1. oyu


    That one went for £500... so still looking 😭
  2. oyu


    Wow thank you so much, ill keep my eye on that!!
  3. oyu


    yeah, they're definitely fun and unique from what ive heard. Im willing to pay a lot, just not $400
  4. oyu


    I have absolutely no idea. I know its rare, but it used to be like $15... It hasnt even been a long time for its value to go up so much. I guess those who happened to buy it are not willing to let go unless its for a price you cant decline
  5. oyu


    Yeah - theres one atm but its $400 x_x
  6. oyu


    Yes im keeping a close eye out on all the groups, have been for this year
  7. oyu


    Yup thats a tamagezi. Currently sold out everywhere though, will only find one if someones willing to give up theirs. Thank you!
  8. hey guys, im coming towards ending collecting tamagotchis and im still yet to find myself a tamagezi. along with making pierces for the ps, id really like to start making tamagezi accessories. If anyone is selling their tamagezi or wants to trade, please let me know!
  9. School tomorrow... So not prepared.

  10. Your best bet is to use a google phone. Google allows nfc data to be sent and received in all regions. Thats why the nexus phones and tablet work with the app. If it's not working for your S6 i'm afraid it probably won't :/ I've heard the Samsung Galaxy S5 working and even the S4, but not always. Im still trying to think of the cheapest way for me to get a hold of an nfc device for the app, but i'm not sure if it's worth buying a new phone/device just for that.
  11. Okay so, for a few days, my tamagotchi has been zoomed in on the screen and appears to be asking me a scrolling question. I can't get him to happily roam around his room again. His face changes to blush every so often, what does he want? I can still feed him and do other interactions with him, but he will not go back to walking around in his room. Actually, when he becomes ill he will zoom back out but as soon as hes better again he will zoom in and ask me the question again...?! Someone PLEASE tell me what he wants, it's doing my head in
  12. Just got Neotchi on my TF! ^^

  13. Hey, sorry we're talking about the Tamagotchi Friends from the UK and US. So Tamaninjacat is correct.