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    Tamagotchi is (obviously) one of my favorite childhood toys.
    Besides tamas I love:
    Music (in context) : singing, piano and songwriting (along with recording)

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    * Tama (town) Go, (with Mametchi figure)
    * Tamagotchi 4u (white)
    * Tamagotchi 4u (blue)
    * Tamagotchi friends (blue crystal)
    * Tamagotchi 4u face plate (friends style)
    * Tamagotchi 4u soft case (blue)
    * Tamagotchi: The Movie (English hardcopy)
    * Tamagotchi Aikatsu touch card and face plate
    * Cheeks Chan (like a tama)
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    Tamagotchi 4u (Blue) and Cheeks Chan

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  1. Hows everyone going? The week is nearly over here in Australia! Very tired!!

  2. hello everyone! Im really bad at updating sorry. Starting school in two days :( but im super excited for the Tamagotchi M!x

  3. The week is finally over! Super tired! Hope everyone had a good week or is having a good end to the week!

    1. Meg&Dia


      happy weekends lol

  4. Hey Everyone! Im Back!! Been super busy with life so its great to finally be back! I will try to update as much as I can!

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    2. MameTamaFantchi


      Thanks for adding meh as a friend X3

    3. tamatamaa


      No problem! Nice to meet you!!

    4. MameTamaFantchi


      Yay! Check out my new log!

  5. Does anyone like Kpop here? I've been getting into to for a while now. Who's your fav singer/group. I'm really liking 4minute right now, but Hyuna is my fav ever!!

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    2. EmeraldTamagotchi


      I'm not too into kpop, but I really love aoa, they're awesome!

    3. Purimatchi!


      AOA is good too!

    4. tamatamaa


      Oh does Hyuna get told to act that way? I'm really shocked! I though she was just being different from the crowd! I hope she is happy doing what she does though.

  6. hey guys um back!! how is everyone been?

    1. Hapihapitchi


      Welcome back! I'm feeling great because A. My birthday is exactly a week from today (yaaay! the 12th) and B. My P's (birthday gift) is supposed to arrive tomorrow! (hopefully x3) *crosses fingers*

    2. tamatamaa


      I'm so happy for you!!! I hope your package comes on time and safely!! I also can't wait to wish you a happy birthday!!

    3. Hapihapitchi


      Aww! Thanks so much :)

  7. Tomorrow is my last day of break!! Scared to go back to school!!

  8. Break is nearly over, I'm kinda sad but happy at the same time because my holidays have been a bit boring. I know i'll miss them though :(

  9. Okay so I have been running my tamagotchi 4u which I got about 2 weeks ago. I have been running it for about a week and a half. The batteries that came with it are amazing! They have been in my tama the whole time and have worked amazingly (Still going strong)! My normal batteries usually only last for about 3-5 days. It's so strange that these ones work wonders!

  10. Hello everyone!! How are you today? Hope everyone is good!

    1. Hapihapitchi



    2. elephantlongtrunk


      I'm good thanks! How are you? :D

  11. Does anyone take there tamagotchi(s) to school or college? I always put on in my my pencil case with a case on the tama to prevent scratches. I just like monitoring it ahahaha.

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    2. kuromametchix3


      I used to be too afraid to bring it to grade school but now that I'm in college, I plan on just carrying it with me because I don't care what anyone has to think/say~ xD

    3. tamatamaa


      Im so glad other people bring there tamas to school/college. @Kuromametchix3 Not listening to people who say/think you can't like tama's around is the right attitude! I had an ashamed feeling in my math class when it beeped in class! After iI decided not to hit what I love so I take it out when I can!

    4. Hapihapitchi


      I only bring my V1 to school because the sound doesn't work and it's SUPER easy to take care of. Did I mention super simple? xP

  12. I've got Ichigo Hoshimiya on my tama 4u from my touch card!!It's really different having a human like tamagotchi! :)

  13. Has anyone got the tamagezi? I'm a bit late to finding out they exist but they look amazing!! Would anyone recommend them?? Are they any good??

    1. MilkMan


      Is it official bandai?


    2. tamatamaa


      No it isn't but it looks intriguing. Also its quite cheap and in color but I just don't want to waste my money.

  14. Forgot to update yesterday!! My cheeks chan came a whole week earlier than expected. When the mail man came I was so shocked! I thought it was my phone case at first but it was my Cheeks Chan! Haven't been able to put it down! If you like cooking then definitely buy! They go for pretty cheap on amazon!

    1. Hapihapitchi


      Once I have time, I'm gonna try to get my hands on one!

    2. tamatamaa


      Yeah definitely!! When you order let me know which color you chose!

  15. Okay my aikatsu touch card and faceplate came today!! It came out of nowhere when my mom handed it to me. It came really early in the morning which was unusual but I'm not complaining! :)

    1. kuromametchix3


      that's awesome!!! have fun! :D

    2. ErinMcf


      That's awesome I am happy for you. I happen to be getting the tamagotchi 4u in the mail soon can't wait for it.

    3. tamatamaa


      Awesome thanks guys!! Also it's great to see other people get their tamagotchis! I wish we could touch/friendship bump! Hahahaa!