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  1. WOW. I haven't logged into TT in forever and I come back to a whole other TT. Feeling a little bit nostalgic for the old format, but change can be good! When did the website change happen?

  2. How do you find saved content on a post again? It's not showing up in the bottom left corner for me... there's another way to access it right?

  3. Anyone wanna join a group PM? I think the max is 5 people... we can talk about tamas, life, or whatever you wish!

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    2. Berryitchi


      Sure! I'll make the fifth person if that's okay ^u^

    3. assbread


      The other option if multiple people are interested is Discord and just making a group but those hold 8 people.

    4. Berryitchi


      eh im not doing discord. it always makes me sign in twice...

  4. This is all exciting! Anyone have details on when they're released in US stores and which ones? I do drawback at the though after hearing the criticism but am still interested... also that contest looks AWESOME. Anyone else notice the pun in the title? Just me? Was that intended or not? (GigaPets AR back vs. GigaPets are back)
  5. When TT is active, you receive likes on a post you worked hard on and people reply to your status updates! :,)

  6. Yay, I'm so happy I could help! I really think you'll like it, and I'm sure you'll agree that the minis are a bit simple and a more complex tama is definitely needed. Thanks, forgot that little number! Preach! I love receiving PMs and I'm sure I can help you with anything else tama related, so feel free to ask!
  7. updated the log! also who's hype for the new P1/2s coming out? :D def buying 2

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    2. KidRetro64


      Yes this person is! (that’s me)

    3. assbread


      I'm definitely buying some! I'll probably get at least 5. The designs are too cute ^^;

    4. Hapihapitchi


      Agreed @Miau! Also ALL the designs are TOO CUTE, why?! :,)

  8. Hey! vc: 79 (100 where you @?) Sorry I couldn't post yesterday, like I mentioned in a previous post, I'm really busy. Because of that, Kacey and Kazzy have been paused and still aren't adults (Go Hapi!). Other than that, we all good. Since there's nothing new, I don't have a picture for today. alright I'm breaking out of this mama jama! *runs into wall* welp, I tried! Kacey, we're stuck in here. Now let's be sensible... and get your foot off of me! food? gimme food FOOT NOT FOOD hmph hmph yourself! you're the one who got us stuck in your foodless fort! didja say food? where? *earlier that day* and THAT'S why sloths are lazy! they're saving energy to attack us all one day, don't you see! yeah right, go hide in your sloth fort or whatever, you crazy! I will! ... wait you actually have one? yes I have a sloth fort! ok, well, minus the sloth. ... can I see? Sure! come right this way madam, to my magnificent fort! *leads kazzy into a large box, finely decorated with fleece blankets and colorful duct tape* ooh! *box door shuts with a woosh* OH NO IT'S THE SLOTH APACOLYPSE!! AAAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! AHA gotcha! ugh your scream is funny! whatever! what's even in here? a vase, potato chip bag and a badminton racket! is this some kinda unknown sport? Actually, yes! You swat the bag into the vase on the other end of the fort! *swings and misses* it's harder than it sounds alright I'm outta this place *tries to shove door open but it doesn't budge* uM kacey? oh right, the door wooshes shut every hour, it'll be another... 58 minutes till it wooshes open again? like this WOOSH WHAT?! *back to the present* why does the door even do that? I don't know, this fort has some sort of internal clock! but we've been in here FOREVER without so much as a potato chip! *grabs potato chip bag* there might be something here... *opens it* oh, nope, nevermind! *screams* HAPIIIII HAPI HAPI GET US OUT WE'RE STUCK IN THIS HORRID FORT THAT KACEY MADE! HAPI! that's mr. horrid fort that kacey made to you! plus, screaming your way out won't work, this fort is soundproof! and why would it be soundproof? because, well, you see... gee, kazzy, it's soundproof 'cause I like to come down here and GOSSIP WITH THE SLOTHS! AAAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! AHA gotcha again! deja vu so we've only got a few minutes left until it'll woosh open! seriously? how do YOU know? let's just say I have an internal clock as well, and there's a timezone difference and I can do math! hm I barely believe it! have you tried pulling the door open instead? well- *pulls open with a woosh* OH MY GOSH FREEDOM! no what have you done? the clock has been thrown off, it doesn't know what to do! it was a pull door all along, who would have thought? I see it now, you're the woosh queen! um, what? YOU MUST PRESENT YOURSELF TO THE SLOTHS AT ONCE! AHHH NO STOP YOU KNOW I FEAR SLOTHS! Moral of the story, always try pushing AND pulling a door before you panick! Also, fear the sloths! edit: also shoutout to bob's burgers and writing prompts for all the inspo and good ideas and funky randomness!
  9. Looks like you got a series 3 mini! They are pretty simplistic, I have a basic guide for you that I wrote myself: All tamas grow up based on care, never luck. The mini has a baby stage and an adult stage. The baby stage is always the same, a little blob that bounces around. But here are the adults: From left to right you have Mametchi (perfect care), Kuchipatchi (good care), Masktchi (bad care), and Nyorotchi (horrible care). The last one is Oyajitchi, which all the characters will turn into after a week of living. The only exception is Bill (the ?), who's the secret character. You can get Bill from giving a Mametchi perfect care. The lifespan of the mini seems to be 2 weeks in my experience. You can turn off sound with A+C. Press B to view the clock. If you need to change the time, press A+C. Then use A to scroll through hours first, B to confirm and then A again for minutes and B again to confirm. If you don't confirm a change time, and leave your mini on the changing time clock screen (you'll know because the numbers will be blinking), then your tama is technically paused. It will not grow, get older, get hungry, etc. I've noticed that sometimes pressing C a few times (not on clock screen) will make your tama dizzy, which is kinda cute. Since there is no status bar, pressing A only gives you the option to feed your tama a meal and snack. You don't have to watch your tama devour these everytime btw, you can just keep clicking B to continuosly feed your tama until they shake their head. When they do this, you know that they are full. This is the only way of knowing whether or not you've feed them enough so don't be scared to keep feeding them. Them shaking their head does NOT decrease care or make them unhappy. A acheives just about everything including feeding meals and snacks to curing illness to cleaning poop. To answer your question in short, there's no scale, you just feed both options until it refuses to satisfy it's hungry and hapiness. There are more complex tamas being re-released (kinda) in stores soon, check the thread under "Comments and Rumors"; they're the P1s and P2s from the '90s. Hope I helped! edit: here's the link to the thread! http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/195309-2017-tamagotchi-p1-p2-appear-in-gamestop-inventory-system/
  10. Hiya! vc: 60 Nothing new, Kazzy and Kacey should be adults soon though. Let's jump right in! Color key: Kazzy (V3) Kacey (V2) Me KACEY WHERE'S THE VACUUM CLEANER uH THERE'S A SPIDER IN HERE AHHH OH MY GOSH ITS BIG AH *walks into room* that's ridiculous! the real way to kill a spider is you *runs to laundry room* haul ugh one of hapi's oof shoes out ugh and SLAP IT! *awkwardly lugs shoe into room* where's it at? RIGHT HERE no big de- OH MY FRIED PICKLED MANGO CHICKEN MOCHAS THAT THING IS BIG THAT'S WHAT I SAID who am I kidding anyway I can't slap that shoe like Hapi would Huh, what's going on? *points* THAT IS GOING ON Oh ahah yeah no problem you just get a tissue *snatches tissue* and uh just well ya know grab it and smush it like so *half-heartedly reaches for spider* oh ick no I can't do this aw COME ON hm well in Garfield they always smack it with a newspaper, gimme one of them quick *runs to grab one from the stack* got it got it psh like this is gonna work I mean VACUUM CLEANERS PEOPLE VACUUM CLEANERS that's ridiculous! THAT'S WHAT I SAID *hands Hapi the newpaper* deja vu? alright roll it up all nice and just uh well you smack it, right? *smacks self instead* get ahold of yourself hapi! you can kill a spider, they aren't even that scary! just look aT IT AHH NO NO NO so much for her hey maybe the dog will help! *whistles* come on boy, here buddy! *dog runs over to see what the action's all about and steps on spider accidentally* huh well that's the end of that! dibs on NOT cleaning off his feet! 1 2 3 not it! noes goes! barbie on the beach! party hat! huh? not it old fashioned! what? AHAH YOU GOTTA CLEAN THE SPIDER OFF HIS FEET NOOO THIS ISN'T FAIR I CALLED DIBS FIRST DIBS IS FOR GETTING SOMETHING DIBS IS FOR A LOT OF THINGS NO ITS NOT HEY WAIT YOU CAN'T DEFINE DIBS, IT DEFINES ITSELF! and that's the wait it goes! *leaves room* LOOK IT UP OK BLAH BLAH BLAH STOP THAT ... you wanna make some chocolate cake? yES That's all folks! They're pratically married already btw, how do you kill spiders? vacuum cleaners, shoes, tissues, newspapers, dog feet? what's your method? PM me, I wanna know!
  11. Take 5 is up! two ways to click it yay! http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/196155-the-hapi-log-take-5/ edit: Yes I did create it yesterday and totally forgot that I normally post the link to the new log on the old one, oops!
  12. Hi! viewcount: 38! NOTE: If you liked a post, found it funny, cool, interesting or anything, really, then... well, like it! You'll get a little mention in the viewcount (vc for short) section of the post. So I don't have time for dialouge today (idek why I decided to make this log right in the middle of the busiest part of my summer but ok), but there is a picture at least! It's of Kazzy (left) and Kacey (right)! Don't mind the little glare from the sun, just try to focus on their beautiful shells! so purdy and sleek (@ kazzy especially) I do like to protect them, so I'm trying to find a little time to make them new crochet cases, the old ones are little dirty now. Anywho, that's all for now! edit: oml that picture is HUGE
  13. Uploaded a photo to Imgur... when I click the embed option and paste it into my log, the picture doesn't show up, it's just that line of code that I copied. Is there a different option I'm missing? https://imgur.com/a/0sH0Opu

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    2. WiiYoShi14


      I just press "copy image" and then CTRL+V on the post.

    3. Penguin-keeper


      On a computer, when you upload an image, mouse over the upper-right corner of it, and a menu will appear from which you can choose "Get Share Links" and then copy the BBCode. I don't know if the mobile version allows for this, though, as I don't use that.

    4. Hapihapitchi


      Thanks so much for the help everyone! I did what penguin-keeper said and it worked! I don't even remember what I was doing before anyways but it works!

  14. Hi readers, I'm Hapi and I'm back with another log! Here's a list of my past logs for reference: the og take 2 take 3 take 4 and here we are with take 5! So excited to restart with a new and improved log. If you've never read any of my previous logs, you'll have to know that I make my updates in a way where my tamas talk in their own respective colored text (to me and with each other) about almost anything and have adventures in almost every post! If you've read my previous logs before, then welcome back and I hope you'll enjoy this one just as much! In the past I've experienced posting photos through Photobucket (doesn't work anymore) and Instagram (follow me @hapihapitchi!), so I'm trying out something new yet again. In the past I just dumped pictures out, but I think I'm gonna minimize how many pictures I post (1-3 per tama a day, none if there's nothing new!) for the sake of my phone's storage. I've decided to use Imgur to post pictures of my tamas so get ready for a colorful picture-filled log! Also, I do not post status updates ("stats"), but I may share their age, weight, gotchi points, etc. if I feel it is necessary. Remember that this is a no comments log, but I would love to hear your praise, criticism, questions and thoughts on my log and tamas, so feel free to PM me instead, I'd love to chat with you! I aim to post everyday, and once school starts up again that may become difficult, so please be patient, I am really gonna try my best to get a post with at least some dialouge and a picture or two out as often as possible, but sometimes I may only have time for a quick update! That's all for details, folks! Now, onto the tamas! Currently, I have a V2 and a V3 running, with a boy Oniontchi named Kacey and a girl Young Mimitchi named Kazzy, respectively. They are the best of friends and hopefully will become more than that soon. I can't remember what they were as toddlers, oops, since I didn't take pictures and they've been paused a while. More coming later!