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  1. ah so its like a screensaver of some sort, thanks for letting me know!
  2. i went to a local toy store last week that was going out of business and the owner had a whole bunch of brand new tamagotchi V5s in the store, at the time i did thought of getting one since i can pick any color i want (all brand new) but i didn't like the idea of 3 tamas on the screen at once so i decided to do some research first before i buy. so after spending the last few days reading all of the V5 threads in the forum, i realize that the V5 is not viewed too favorably around here, especially with some saying that "having 3 tamas on the screen is same as having 1" and that "they all have the same hunger level and go to the bath at the same time" and misc stuff like "the tamas don't play with their stuff like in V4" or "watching 3 tamas gets boring really fast"...etc even so, i can live with these shortcomings of the V5 except for the fact that i only want to raise one tama in the V5. So now my question is, can i raise only one tama in the V5? thanks for the help.
  3. What are some of the travel destinations in the V5's Travel Channel? i'm curious to know after seeing a couple of videos of it on youtube, but they only showed the beach and castle. - so what are some places that your tamagotchi can visit on the travel channel? - does anything special happens on christmas with the V5? thanks for letting me know.
  4. NOOOOOOOOOO Pianitchi asked me to give her some cooking ingredients, so i gave her a piece of paper. this game is hard. yes you're right! nice to meet you too! :wub: thanks for the tip!
  5. does the new tamagotchi town allow players to meet and interact with each other like in tamagotchi music city? i've been playing for an hour and there's nobody around except me. i'm so lonely...
  6. this one. oh well....
  7. thanks for the advice, i went to the store today and bought it, i really, really hate the colour of my v4, it looks absolutely wonder the kids left it alone on the shelf. even so, beggers can't be choosers. atleast i have a tamagotchi now. when i brought it home, the batteries didn't work obviously, so i went around town trying to get them but nobody carry these type of batteries anymore. so now i can't use it. LOL NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO now i know why tamagotchi friends changed to AAA batteries. still i am very thankful, and grateful to everyone here who recommended me the V4, it seems they are quite rare these days and it looks like i got a good deal out of this, even though my V4 has a really ugly shall design. so thaks again everyone!
  8. i've been searching all over town for tamagotchi friends, but i couldn't find them in stock anywhere, instead, i ended up in a stationary store where the owner showed me a brand new tamagotchi v4 on the shelf and asks me if i want it for 10 bucks. some questions before i buy: - are there towns or shops for tamagotchis to visit in the tamagotchi v4? or is the tamagotchi stuck in one place like the old 1997 tamagotchi? - do weather exists? like...does rain or snow in tamagotchi v4? i appriciate all the help! much thanks in advance!
  9. i've read through most of the "Tamagotchi 4U Vesus IDL" threads but it seems there's a lot of jumbled and vague information on the amount of features in the IDL/Colour series that were taken out of the 4U, therefore i've decided to compile a list of IDL/Colour features that were removed in 4U based on all the information i've gathered from the tamagotchi 4U threads. keep in mind that I do not own a IDL or a 4U so if there are any inaccuracies please let me know and i will correct them. (List of Features in the IDL/Colour Tamagotchi that were taken out of Tamagotchi 4U) -No Seeds & Gardens -No Teen Stage -No TamaMarket -No Dounut Park -No Pets -No Costumes/outfits (un-confirmed) -No Weather Change (un-confirmed) -Less stock characters -Less travel destinations -Less Wallpaper than IDL/Colour -Less food/gifts/items than in IDL so is this about it? anything else that they took out of the 4U that are note-worthy?
  10. i've looked on ebay and it looks like they are selling like hot cakes there too. the ones with nice colours usually costs abit more with shipping. i've seen a seller that listed TamagochiFriends for 25GBP and he sold like 200 of them these past few months. i could get a tamagotchi4U for that price but i read alot of posts here that say its missing too many features that were in IDL. i personally prefer the old fashioned monochrome pixel screen of tamagotchi friends since i grew up with the 90s tamagotchi like most ppl. there's just something about those moving pixels that really captivated me when i was kid and it always made me feel so nostalgic when i look at it. i really hope they make more tamagotchi friends so prices will go down. it would be a shame if they just discontinued it like that.
  11. i love tamagotchi friends! i think its a great device and all the tamagotchis there are really cute! it seems they are out of stock everywhere though. also bandai seems to have already discontinued the tamagotchi IDL even though it's only been out for 2 years, i'm worred that the same thing might happen to tamagotchi friends. so my question is, are they going to discontinue tamagotchi friends once all remaining stocks are sold out? thanks for letting me know!