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  1. I've already asked on both "Tamagotchi Ancestors" and "Tamagotchi Collectors" no luck, so I came here Thank you for your help! Awesome! My friend got them from Yahoo Japan Auctions, she figured they must be rare and clicked the buyout button, hehe Thanks so much for helping.
  2. Thank you so much! Do you know why there is no information or articles on them at all? Maybe we are googling the name wrong? We are not sure what the "proper" name for them is.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm writing this topic today with a very important question- what is this Tamagotchi? My friend has them. On the box, it tells us it's a Tamagotchi Connection V3. The shell designs resemble a king and a queen. They come in boxes and the instructions are in both Japanese and English. We have looked everywhere on the Internet, we have even contacted Bandai directly and they told us to ask a forum like TamaTalk. So, here I am. If you have any information on these, that would be extremely helpful. Thank you so much.
  4. Guys... I bought myself a Christmas present this year... Two Tamagotchi 4u+! I can't wait.

    1. tamatamaa


      Lucky! I wish we could all like touch tamagotchis! I would have so many friends enlisted on my tamagotchi 4u. ahahah! I also had a question, do you have a tamagotchi 4u? If you do can you let me know if it connects with the tamagotchi 4u+ (when you get it ahahaha)?

    2. Emgotchi


      Right?! It would be so cool you could do that. And I don't have a Tamagotchi 4u, but I've heard that you can connect them!! :)