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  1. College will make sure you have no time for anything other than crying. At least I'm running my 4U. :3 I'm really happy with it. Hope you're all well.

    1. Adelechi


      YOU CAN DO IT! :)

    2. OldSchoolTama


      Hang in there! One day at a time :)

  2. Finally got my hands on my Blue 4U~~~~ Ecstatic, although it's a lot more different than typical tamas.


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    2. Hapihapitchi


      Lucky! I'm expecting a bundle in the mail soon... :)


    3. RubyLullaby


      I HAVE A GREEN ONE AS WELL, AMAZING :3 I hope you will have a lot of fun :)

    4. haiiropixel


      thanks guys ~ :3

  4. tfw your Tamagotchi P was supposed to come in today, but today is a holiday in your country and the post office doesn't deliver.

    1. StelSolari


      my condolences. Hope you got it today haha

  5. Posting a picture would be awesome so we could help you! And I usually let myself know which version it is by the design it has, including shell-wise. Does it have an antenna on it? Or none at all? o:
  6. How you get your work published is like a huge tree with branches and, truth be told, there's no exact way to get something published. I once interviewed a small scale Puerto Rican author, and starting without an agent and no background can be extremely difficult if you want to become a successful writer. Not impossible, nothing is impossible, but very hard. Have you considered submitting your work to writing contests from journals and such? Many of these are a lot less harsher than publishing companies and can be great places to expose yourself and let the world see your potential. Many authors start their writing careers this way. As for people looking at publishing companies of a book, it's mostly snobby people that are picky about who they buy and read their books from. Not a lot of people pay attention to those details. By any means, I wish you success in your endeavors!! Cheers to a fellow writer, and happy new year.
  7. I want to buy every Tamagotchi I see and not having the money to do so is very disheartening. (also my P hasn't arrived yet and I'm salty)

    1. Rukitchi


      I feel that pain. I'm still waiting for my blue P

    2. Starwolfie33


      I'm waiting for my Idl princess spacy and my sis is waiting for here p's

    3. StelSolari


      Ayy same. Blue P is coming today!

  8. For actual Christmas day I got socks. But I ordered a Tamagotchi P and a 4U for my self, they should be arriving in January.
  9. Happy Holidays everyone! Cheers for a new year of awesome.

  10. There's a few on Amazon for ~60 USD. I'm not sure how cheap they should be though, since I'm rarely acquainted with Tamagotchi prices. Best of luck.
  11. Same thing happened to me. Pretty sure it's a Christmas Eve Event! Santa actually left that, there's a whole animation for him leaving it. :3 Merry Christmas.
  12. If I'm not mistaken, it's a censorship implemented by Bandai because they thought the Japanese death screens were too "traumatizing." I could be wrong though. However, it wouldn't be the first time Japan censors different things in order to reach a western audience.
  13. You could also obtain a IrDA USB Dongle, which will connect the Tamagotchi with your PC. You can find these online as well, such as in Amazon or Ebay.