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    Oklahoma, USA
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    gaming (horror, visual novels, otome, puzzle adventure,) reading manga, comics and books (parapsychology, spiritualism, witchcraft, horror, scifi, BL/Yaoi, Yuri for a female audience, fantasy,) anime, period dramas, kdramas, food, cyberpunk, knitting, beadwork, crocheting, tatting and other lace making techniques.

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    Tamagotchi Ocean(white with pink and blue waves pattern; missing currently,) Tamagotchi Connection v1 (pink/purple with yellow swirls; sibling washed and semi functional some how,) Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town (leopard mint), Gudetama Tamagotchi (both versions US release)

    my son has a the pink dream town
    daughter has pink and yellow tamagotchi mini and the pink with blue clock "time" markings mini
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    Dream Town as my Gudetama needs new batteries and can't source them locally

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  1. My Dream Town in a case I crocheted a little over 3 years ago


    and the one I made for my son around the same time is this red "strawberry"

    strawberry case.jpg