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  1. My Dream Town in a case I crocheted a little over 3 years ago


    and the one I made for my son around the same time is this red "strawberry"

    strawberry case.jpg

  2. I'll be sure to post pics of the cases and charm straps once get them done and I'll include pics from our Tama Dream Towns as I am most proud of the case I made my son. His case is a strawberry with seed beads sewn on for "seeds."
  3. Thank you that does help some, I'll remeasure my Tama based on your measurements to see if it's close enough. Thank you again Penguin-keeper
  4. I just preordered the new Tamagotchi On models for my kids and I and was wanting to get a start on crocheting some new cases before they come in. Are the Tamagotchi meets (On in NA) similar in size to the Tamagotchi Dream Town Friends? My son and I have Dream Town Friends units we have been playing with together since his sister was a baby so I can use it as a reference device if they are similar enough in size to the meets/Ons.
  5. How often does the Music Café's menu change? I keep checking every day every few hours or so and everything still says everything is sold.
  6. 24 and hope to soon a new Tama to replace my pink and gold Tama connection my younger sister washed in '09. I have 2 kids and got married since then but when I saw a dream town friends in the mall's hot topic while out x-mas shopping for our families, my husband and I have been talking about them ever since. I am probably going to start one and have my 5 yr old son join me as I think it will be good for him. I also now wish I could read and understand Japanese as those 4U(+)s look awesome.
  7. Thanks for the quick response it is too bad that can't though XD
  8. My husband is pretty keen on getting a 4U+ but I am wanting to get a Dream Town Friends with our son so I can teach him how to take care of something. My husband also said he won't even get a Tama at all if he can't connect with the US Dream Town models as our son and I can't read Japanese.