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  1. The original Mini is actually one of my favs simply because it is super easy to care for with a busy lifestyle
  2. I read about this rerelease on some wiki and got the impression the program would be the exact same as the original Minis? Can anyone confirm/deny?
  3. I asked a seller on AliExpress because he was previously selling them but now only had faceplates, he said the factory he was selling from is no longer producing them. Sounds like they've gone out of print, which is a shame, I really wanted one. Used is probably your best bet!
  4. Grumble... I'm STILL waiting for my Nana Moon, which I ordered in early November. I hope customs did not turn it away.
  5. Visually everything looks good (though I accidentally pulled apart the LCD on the one I took apart, will probably have to re-align that if I get it working again...), unfortunately I don't have access to a multimetre or anything like that. The batteries I use are 'Replaces AG13/LR44', not actual LR44s. I've never had a problem with them on other pets, is there precedence for those being an issue?
  6. Beepers like the tamagotchi use have their pitch controlled by how much electricity is supplied to them. Water is conductive, that's why it's so harmful to electronics. It's unlikely that it was unused content, it was probably just extremely 'confused' from getting so wet.
  7. This is really cool! I unfortunately do not have a Furby Connect but if I did, I'd be all over this. How deeply has the debug menu been dug into? It looks hard to read on those eyes.
  8. I recently bought a pair of Love-Chu,version 1's, off ebay. However, when I put batteries in them, they won't start. One of them came on for a brief second but that's it. These are brand new batteries. Does anyone have any experience with these pets? Is there any trick to getting these guys to boot?
  9. I was really excited to see this listing of 7 Tamagotchis, including a Mori No and Mesu & Osu, for an incredibly low price given the value of the items in the pic. However, upon further investigation, the good rating on the seller is all from other sellers, and it's all the same message repeated 50 times, to boot. Looks like a scam to me, beware!
  10. Waiting for a QPet! I'm gonna see if I can earn some of those aliexpress coupons to get a good deal on a Nana Moon when their sale happens, too
  11. The pikachu fake showed up! I made a thread about it in Tamagotchi Cousins.
  12. Hey friends, if you follow the mail thread you know I'd been seriously eyeing this fake pikachu pet for a while and finally it's arrived! I've got a lot of images and apparently tamatalk doesn't have the thumbnail image tag, so I'll be linking them because they're rather large Here's what the package looked like when it arrived. Pretty small, but just the same as the seller's photo! Until, of course, I slid the plastic off the backing card... What did they do to Ash's legs?? The back of the package had instructions in Spanish(?) on it, but they didn't actually line up with the icons in the actual game, so they were pretty useless. The Pikachu stands on his own, which is pretty cool! I think the only other pet I have that does that is the mid-2000s Giga Pet. Here's the first stage! The opening animation showed a little wagon rolling along, and then I was left with this little ant to take care of. He looks pretty grumpy, but so far he's been very easy to care for! I don't think I've seen his hunger or happy meters go down yet. You can play the same little dancing game as the P1s with him. The little guy doesn't actually stop dancing the moment you press the button, like many other VPs, which adds to the challenge of this one. It plays a funky little pentatonic-scale tune when you start the game. When you turn the lights out, it shows a door closing animation then it stays on this house. Maybe this is how you pause the game? I'll find out when I take him to work, I guess! The use of the 4 buttons was really not obvious at first. A activates the menu, but is also the accept button, so if you press A twice he just gets grumpy because you tried to feed him when he's not hungry. After the menu is activated, A accepts, C advances the menu, B goes backward in the menu, and D cancels. When the menu is not activated, D opens the clock, which just sets to midnight when you boot, and it's up to you to figure out how to change it. I was surprised that this VP had a ROM I hadn't seen before! I was expecting the program to be one of those generic 128-in-1 ROMs that you can get for 20c on ebay, and I was buying it just for the hilarious case. The plastic does feel a little cheap, and his tail wiggles a bit, but I still think this little guy was worth the price of admission.
  13. update: my boyfriend talked me into it... I bought the weird fake pikachu pet.
  14. I got my Chuppi today! As I understand it this is a chicken variant on the Gyaoppi and my little baby chick is so cute and low-maintenance! I love her already. The case is really nice and smooth and reminds me of a worry stone - and it's designed to look like the screen is sitting on a little nest. I can really tell by the sprites and games that my 58-in-1 fake dinkie dino based its ROM off the Gyaoppi pets rather than the Dinkie pets...
  15. Just bought a yellow 'Chuppi'! idk what that is but it looks like a bird Gyaoppi and I'm excited. still considering that fake pikachu tbh
  16. I'm now waiting for a Pocket Pikachu Colour, since I found a good deal on ebay! The Dinokun showed up and it's so cute, though the buttons initially took some convincing to work. I am very curious about this ridiculously fake Pokemon Pikachu and working on telling myself that $26 isn't worth the satisfaction of knowing...
  17. Just bought a Raku Raku Dinokun on eBay! I've never bought anything on eBay and I'm a bit nervous, but I checked it against some 'real vs fake' videos on youtube and it seems to check out. (It better, given that the whole thing came to $35...)
  18. QPets are popping up out of China under many different names and have very similar cases and programs to the Mini Nana Moon, there's a TamaTalk thread about them here. You can also find videos of them on youtube so you can see just how similar the interfaces are. Thanks!
  19. So from the videos it looks like both of these are based on the QPet program? (Or maybe the other way around...) If one was going to buy just one of them, I'd guess the "Maxi" version would be the best choice?
  20. Not particularly, to be honest. Services going offline is part of life these days, and even back then I didn't care too much about the web games. I've never been particularly driven to 100% a Tamagotchi, I'm always more interested in caring for it and watching it grow than any of the side stuff.
  21. I've seen these on youtube and they're on my aliexpress wishlist! Please keep us updated how yours does, I'd definitely be interested in hearing about it
  22. I love this, some of these characters seem so out of place on a Tamagotchi, especially when they do the closeups. Please keep this up, I'm interested in seeing more of it.
  23. On the Tamagotchi Friends website, there's a game called Dream Town. In this game you can earn points called 'tickets', and there is a character in the game in the south-most area on the map which will convert your tickets to a random item in your Tamagotchi Friends device. The character you need to talk to will look like a fortune teller. When you talk to her, she will ask for the code on your Tamagotchi Friends. That's when you go to 'PC' on your device to get the code. After a few dialog options, she'll give you a code to input into your Tamagotchi Friends. Then you'll get a random item on your Tamagotchi.
  24. Will either tamagotchi connect to any other tamagotchi? it's possible, though very unfortunate, that your IR port on one of them doesn't work. You can try with another tamagotchi or by pointing a digital camera or cell phone camera at the IR and seeing if you can see it lighting up on the camera screen when you try to connect.
  25. I love tcrf! :3 Would you count the debug-only characters as 'unused content'? I haven't really seen "debugging" talked about in the recent versions the way it was discussed for the V1 and V2, so I'm not in the loop as to whether that's 'a thing' on the newer versions. Of course there's also the screen test on those versions, but I believe that's a feature of some piece of hardware rather than the Tamagotchi program itself.