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  1. I know the "Tamagotchi Simulator" Is an oldie! but this classic has so much potential to be much greater due to being able to modify its code,icons,chars and making new skins (covers) and plugins (generations). It basiclly is so non-existant on the internet as far as downloading it so i have uploaded shareware version v2.5 to my website and is obtainable via my signature and also made a few more angel covers for it. Enjoy!! Only Gen1 + Gen2 atm. but i am currently making a Angelgotchi themed plugin and chars for it and when its finished i will upload for everyones use. Keep Them Tama's Happy!!
  2. The odd of shinys have been increased in gen 6 (X and Y)(OR and AS) from 1-8192 to 1-4046!!! thats half!! so goodluck mate!! have you tried the the (hording method)??
  3. Angelgotchi is the best

  4. Angelgotchi is the best

  5. Firstly upload your image to imageshack or tinypic then copy the link into your post or use the brackets at both ends http://. hope this helps
  6. pixilgotchi


    devil twins and angel twins with moon

    © pixilgotchi

  7. pixilgotchi


    devil twins and angel twins in space

    © pixilgotchi

  8. Hi Everyone, I would like to know if anyone still uses the old (Tamagotchi Simulator 2.5) program for Windows 7 and would like me to continue working on making new plugins/skins for it. I am currently making a new Angelgotchi plugin as i lost my old one. If this is something people would like i will continue making this as it make me happy and Im sure other might like it also. here are two skins (blue and pink) i have finished already but you need to install the original Simulator 2.5 for them to work. I am quite happy to make other ones like "Devilgotchi" and "Oceangotchi" after i finish this one or any if people have suggestions. TY. keep on keeping your tamas healthy and happy