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  1. Ooo thank you! It looks like likes and dislikes so good to know both.
  2. Atlantic Raven on YouTube. She has a gorgeous collection and does unboxing videos and introductions for each one. Check her out!
  3. When you learn how to crochet only so you can make little cozies (covers?) For your Tama. I made two and only picked up my yarn and needle yesterday!
  4. I'm 25 and had one as a child. Over the years I lost interest and misplaced them somehow. This Christmas my husband got me the 4u (I'd been watching them on ebay on and off for awhile now) and I love it! I even ordered a vintage one for my four year old.
  5. Hello everyone! I am just wondering how to get happy symbols on the 4u? I have Kuromametchi (he evolved this afternoon) and have tried several items and foods. For some he has had a lengthy happy animation but no symbols were given. Do I have to wait until he has been an adult for a certain amount of time? All of his toddler and school skills are earned but I just can't figure out these symbols!