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  1. tama-gotme

    Happy Symbols?

    Ooo thank you! It looks like likes and dislikes so good to know both.
  2. Also, I had a few when I was young.
  3. Atlantic Raven on YouTube. She has a gorgeous collection and does unboxing videos and introductions for each one. Check her out!
  4. tama-gotme

    you know you're obsessed when...

    When you learn how to crochet only so you can make little cozies (covers?) For your Tama. I made two and only picked up my yarn and needle yesterday!
  5. I'm 25 and had one as a child. Over the years I lost interest and misplaced them somehow. This Christmas my husband got me the 4u (I'd been watching them on ebay on and off for awhile now) and I love it! I even ordered a vintage one for my four year old.
  6. tama-gotme

    Happy Symbols?

    Hello everyone! I am just wondering how to get happy symbols on the 4u? I have Kuromametchi (he evolved this afternoon) and have tried several items and foods. For some he has had a lengthy happy animation but no symbols were given. Do I have to wait until he has been an adult for a certain amount of time? All of his toddler and school skills are earned but I just can't figure out these symbols!